How not to get on a scam when buying a car?

I want to buy a used car from a private person, I found it on the Internet on the bulletin board of the Moscow region. But the low price of the car is a little embarrassing, I suspect that something might not be clean with it. Tell me what to do?
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Answered on January 11, 23:59
In this case, do not rush to purchase. A lot of scammers selling hijacked cars divorced from Moscow car markets. First you need to inquire about it. It is possible to learn the history and fate of the desired car by checking by the VIN code, you can read more information here and remember, God protects you!
Answered on January 12, 00:05
Do not forget that the car can be under the pledge, and the sellers often keep silent about the accident that she visited. In order not to buy a stolen car, you should check the body numbers with those that appear in the documents. Have a good shopping!
Answered on January 12, 00:25
I heard that there is some program that gives the necessary information about the vehicle, it can even be used on the phone. Maybe later I will clarify with my husband what she is called and let you know.

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