How much does the engine weigh?

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How much does the engine weigh?

Estimate the weight of the engine becomes important not only for the motorist, but also for business representatives. In the first case, we, as owners of the car, take care of its serviceability, because the engine is, to some extent, the heart of the car. So, it will depend on this whether we can move further by car or not. Representatives of the auto business need to know these parameters in order to properly respond to the needs of their potential customers.

Weight of various engines

Perhaps the most ambitious engine is the engine of heavy vehicles, among which KAMAZ is most often mentioned. Its engine alone averages about 750 kg. This is because a large car requires high power, and also because the engine includes a large number of different elements. So, in the case of KAMAZ, we are talking about more than 20 components, each of which has its own impressive weight.

VAZ type cars have lower engine weight parameters.So, on average, the weight of the engine of such machines is about 120 kg, which is significantly less than that of a KAMAZ.

Stopping at the average parameters of the engine weight, it is worth noting a wide variation of values from 100 to 500 kg. This variation is because the weight of the engine depends on the model of the car. In the case of the Soviet car industry, you can find 50-kilogram engines, for example, in the Zaporozhets. Even the weight of a motorcycle engine can be greater (more than 60 kg), and this is almost the minimum level comparable only with the engine of a moped (about 32 kg). The maximum volumes are found in high-speed and heavy trucks and can significantly exceed the indicated average frames.

Thus, we considered how much the engine of KamAZ, VAZ weighs, and also made sure that the differences in engine weight are very often associated with the model of the car. And the weight, in turn, determines the speed at which the car can move.

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