How much do sapphires cost?

In the XXI century, people know two types of corundum - ruby ​​and sapphire. Both crystalline compounds belong to the I class of precious stones, therefore the cost of such mineral formations reaches $ 30,000 per 1 carat. Corundums of rich red color are rubies. The rest of the palette of the mineral colors is referred to as sapphires, which have blue and yellow, orange and green, pink and black, golden and white surfaces.

The most expensive sapphire in the world in blue - "Millennium". Gemologists estimate the mineral with a size of 61.5 thousand carats at 185 million US dollars

The uniqueness of natural minerals extracted from the bowels of the earth determines the high cost of crystalline formations. Incredible purity and fascinating brilliance of precious stones "conquers" the minds of avid collectors and connoisseurs of "beautiful" for tens of centuries. In order to understand the scale of auctions, in which rare minerals are sold, you will need to answer the question: How much are sapphires?

5 parameters affecting the value of sapphire

The cost of the crystalline compound depends on the results of the examination, which is conducted at the state level. Estimating the gem, gemologists are guided by the following criteria:

  1. The color of the crystal formation (the most valuable shade is considered to be cornflower blue).
  2. The deposit where the mineral is mined (the quality of Kashmir and Taiwanese sapphires, as well as precious stones from the island of Sri Lanka is especially in demand in the world).
  3. The purity of varieties of corundum, in the structure of which organic impregnations are not allowed, and on the surface of the mineral should not be condensation and cracks.
  4. The method of cutting a gemstone (natural minerals are valued significantly higher than synthetic products).
  5. The total weight of the crystal (corundum, the size of which exceeds 5 carats, are considered collectible).
How much do sapphires cost?

Gold earrings with diamonds and sapphires, SL;gold ring with diamonds and sapphires, SL(prices link)

Based on the results of the test, gemologists set the metric and structural parameters of the mineral. Depending on the quality of the crystal, the way of processing the stone is determined, by means of which the shade of the corundum surface required by the jeweler is achieved.

The change in value, taking into account the colors of sapphire

The price of natural crystals depends on the color of the gemstone that the mineral receives in the process of formation. The variety of shades is determined by the presence of foreign impurities of iron, titanium and vanadium in the structural composition of sapphires. The cost of crystalline formations of corundum, taking into account the colors (except for the red tint):

  • Minerals of light or dark blue shades cost from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per 1 carat - the price is determined by the method of cutting the gemstone.
  • Crystals of orange and pink-purple tones from $ 100 to $ 150 - the cost directly depends on the mass of the stone, because the famous “Paraparaja” sapphires belong to this color category.
  • Stones with a yellow or golden surface are estimated by gemologists from $ 100 to $ 130.
  • Rare mineral formations of green color cost from $ 75 to $ 200 - the price is determined by the saturation of the tone and the uniformity of the crystal coating.

Regardless of the colors, sapphire remains a class I gem, but the white mineral causes less excitement in the jewelry market than crystals of light blue hues with a transparent structure - this is a generally recognized fact.Corundums of exclusive colors for the world view are not taken out, but realized at auctions - you can get there only by special invitation from the organizers of the event.

The highest cost per carat collection sapphire is $ 30,000. Such a sum is estimated minerals orange-purple "Padparadzha", the size of which exceeds 5 carats

The cost of sapphires, depending on the combination of 5 parameters

To systematize the cost of sapphires on the international market can be on certificates, which are accompanied by all the stones from the I class of precious minerals. The price of crystalline formation is determined by the structural quality of sapphire:

  • Low - from $ 50 to $ 500.
  • Satisfactory - from $ 500 to $ 1,500.
  • Good - from $ 1,800 to $ 4,000.
  • Excellent - from $ 3,500 to $ 6,000.
  • Minerals of excellent quality, the size of which exceeds 5 carats - from $ 6500 to $ 9500.
  • The famous Burmese sapphires, not heat-treated, weighing more than 6 carats - from 12,250 to $ 18,000.
How much do sapphires cost?

Gold earrings with diamonds and pink sapphires, SL;gold ring with diamonds and pink sapphires, SL(prices link)

The price range in each category is determined by the individual characteristics of the stone, processing method, the presence of structural damage and color saturation.Collectors book a queue for the next mineral they find in order to purchase a gemstone mined in the quarries of Sri Lanka in Taiwan or India - the crystal formations of sapphire in the 21st century are so valuable.

Expensive stones from Burma do not require complex cutting - processing reduces the natural quality of polyhedral sapphire. The variety of colors of sapphire is a feature of the corundum variety, long demanded in royal circles, among the nobility, and close to the royal family. Crowns and altars, ceremonial halls and presidential chambers adorn the sparkling mineral. Sapphire magic cannot be explained - it is available only to owners of an amazing crystal from class I of precious stones.

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