How does this "breathtaking"?

In the literal sense, the phrase "breathtaking" means that it has become suddenly hard, difficult to breathe, and is a phraseological unit whose origin remains unknown, as is the case with many other similar expressions.

Usually similarphraseological expressions- this is a literal translation of speech turns from foreign languages, with such a translation, some inaccuracies are often allowed, and the meaning of the expression may be slightly different than in the original version. One word can have a variety of meanings and transmit an expression when it is translated is not always obtained in the form in which it was intended.

  • However, the understanding of the phraseologism "breathtaking" is quite accurate. Phraseologisms with a similar use of the word "spirit" are widespread in everyday speech and literary works, the range of their actions is quite extensive.

The word “spirit” in this phraseologism implies more likely a meaning associated with human consciousness, which can also have its own external manifestations.

So "captured the spirit"- it means it has become difficult to breathe, from excitement or fear, for any other reasons related to the internal state. Physical activity and other meanings are not implied here, although it should be noted that there are phraseological units of the same group that are responsible for them.

  • The expression “breathtaking” is characterized by an exact separation of mental and physical states and the possibility of human actions.

This idiom responds to the concept of the word "spirit" as the mental state of a person, his emotional mood and inner feelings. It can be used in completely different situations and from here to have values ​​of various emotional colors - from the best impressions to heavy and not pleasant ones.

As a rule, the phraseologism “captures the spirit” is used for particularly strong shocks, for example, in case of fright or sudden joy.

Phraseological expressions in any language gradually change, or their composition becomes different with time, or they gradually go out of constant use and remain except in literary speech.

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