How is the comma "including"?

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Mag maj
August 18, 2014
How is the comma "including"?

This includes the union used to clarify or supplement information by attaching a member of a sentence that names a part of the integer indicated in the previous fragment.

  • Wrong: "We asked the counter, loudly called, searched for it, including at the lake";
  • That's right: "We asked the counter, loudly called, looking for it everywhere, including at the lake."

How is the comma "including"? The accession turnover, in which there is a “including” union, is allocated with commas on both sides, if used in the middle of a sentence. In other cases, it is separated by a comma from the preceding fragment:

  • "No close friend came to her birthday, including Galka";
  • "All the guys, including Mitya from Kostya, supported my proposal."

If before the union "including" are used unions a, and, they form a single combination and are not separated from each other by a comma, but separated by a comma in the sentence.

For example:

  • "Everyone received a gift in the mail, including Van";
  • "Natalia always liked to do needlework, including knitting, but the girl never planned to earn a living."

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