How effective is the onion diet?

Did you know that onions can help you lose weight? But for this you need to figure out how to use it correctly and follow the onion diet.

What is onion diet?

The onion diet has appeared relatively recently and has come presumably from France. Its main product is not the vegetable itself, but the onion soup, which the French so much like and often eat (perhaps that is why they are so slim and sophisticated?). And he, by the way, is very useful, so that the diet will help improve not only the figure, but also health.


According to some, onion diet can lose weight in a week at 5-6 pounds. And such weight loss is indeed possible, but if there is a significant excess. If the weight is small, then its reduction will be minimal, that is, you will lose only 2-3 kilograms, but such results are impressive.

How to comply?

Dieting is pretty simple. It is designed for seven days, during which you need to use onion soup and some other products.

First of all, it is worth making soup.There are several recipes, but they are all similar and have common features. Onions are usually supplemented with other vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, celery, bell peppers and tomatoes, and they can be used simultaneously. All components are boiled in water with the addition of spices and a small amount of salt.

Menu for the week:

  1. On the first day, it is recommended to use soup, as well as unsweetened fruits (except grapes and bananas). Allowed to drink unsweetened tea or coffee, still water, cranberry juice.
  2. On the second day, supplement the onion soup with any vegetables consumed raw, stewed, boiled or baked.
  3. The menu of the third day includes onion soup, fruits and vegetables. But the potatoes from the diet should be excluded.
  4. On the fourth day, you should also eat fruits, soup and vegetables. Allowed to drink a glass of skimmed milk and eat one or two small bananas.
  5. On the fifth day, eat soup and tomatoes in unlimited quantities. Also, 300 grams of lean meat or poultry (beef, chicken, turkey) should be included in the diet, fish is allowed.
  6. The menu of the sixth day of the diet includes soup, lean beef, as well as green vegetables and greens: leaf lettuce, pepper, cabbage, cucumbers.
  7. On the last day it is allowed to eat onion soup, rice (preferably brown), vegetables, as well as unsweetened fruit juices.

A few rules:

  • For the duration of the diet, exclude from the diet sweet carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  • It is not allowed to fill soup with sour cream, mayonnaise and other sauces.
  • It is forbidden to fry dishes, only extinguishing, cooking and baking are allowed.
  • Excludes all flour, sweet, fatty, smoked and so on.
  • It is advisable to eat soup at least three times a day, this will achieve the best effect.
  • Drink more fluids: non-carbonated mineral or regular filtered water, tea (including herbal) or weak coffee without added sugar.
  • Alcohol is allowed only a day after the end of the diet.
  • You can repeat the diet if you are not satisfied with the result, but only after two to three weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the diet:

  • Efficiency. The results really are, and they are significant.
  • During dieting, there is no feeling of hunger. First, onion soup is quite satisfying, and secondly, the use of other products is allowed.
  • Diet will not harm your health and even improve it. Onion soup not only helps to burn fat, but also helps to remove harmful cholesterol from the body, and also normalizes and improves digestion, preventing the occurrence of constipation (they often occur during diets).
  • Boiled onion does not smell, so that because of this you can not worry.
  • Cooking onion soup is very simple, it will not take much time.
  • Such a diet can be called quite a budget, since all the products included in the menu are inexpensive.


  • There are some contraindications, which include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage.
  • Not everyone likes the taste of onion soup, some consider it unpleasant or even nasty. Indeed, boiled onions - not the most delicious product. But if you grind it as much as possible, it will almost not be felt in the dish.


Reviews of onion diet prove its effectiveness. Many really manage to get rid of extra pounds. Discomfort or discomfort during compliance usually does not occur, as well as strong hunger. In general, the diet is simple, so the risk of breakdowns is low.But not everyone likes the taste of the soup, although, according to most, he is quite tolerant.


A few recommendations:

  1. For cooking soup, you can use leek or ordinary onions.
  2. After the diet, adhere to the principles of diet, so that all the lost kilograms will not return again.
  3. Do not try to eat only one soup, it does not enhance the effect, but only harm.
  4. It is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand.

Let the onion diet help you lose weight and become slimmer!

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