How can I use carpets in the interior?

Previously, the carpet could be seen in almost every home, but gradually such an element of the decor began to be forgotten and become less popular. But, as you know, everything new and bright is well forgotten, but at the same time an improved old one. So feel free to purchase a carpet, but first find out how it can be used to design a room.

Why do we need?

What functions in the interior can perform?

  • Addition and interior decoration. Chic carpet will help make the design more original and complete.
  • Creating a bright accent. If the carpet is different in color and texture from other interior items and finishing materials, then it can be a real highlight of the room.
  • Additionally warm. Agree, walking on a soft carpet is much more pleasant than on the "bare" floor.
  • Comfort Soft and gentle texture will make the room more comfortable. And this is especially true if you choose a style that presumes conciseness and minimalism (high-tech, modern).
  • Zoning Color or texture selection is a fairly common way of zoning.With the help of a carpet, you can designate, for example, a recreation area or a reception area.
  • Combine or combine several different styles. Yes, the carpet can become a kind of link.

How to use?

How to use carpets in the interior of an apartment or house? A few ideas:

  1. If you want to complement the interior, then pick up a large enough carpet, combined in style and tone with other objects, and place on it all or main pieces of furniture.
  2. To highlight a separate zone, use a contrasting, but not too bright carpet, which will differ from the main interior in texture and color. On it place the items related to the zone.
  3. Get a bright carpet of unusual shape, place it in the middle of the room (certainly in the free space) and leave it free. Furniture can be arranged around it, but not on it.
  4. In the nursery, you can spread the carpet on the floor in front of the crib so that the baby can play and not freeze. In this way you will not only create comfort, but also highlight the playing area.
  5. It can be hung on the wall to highlight it. But remember that he must close the entire wall completely, otherwise the design will be ridiculous and ridiculous.

Size matters

First you need to decide on the size.There are several options:

  • Big. It can cover almost the entire floor and be a kind of replacement for the carpet. Previously, many designers believed that the carpet should fit all the furnishings, this is what allowed to make the design holistic. If you choose a fairly large carpet, then follow this rule.
  • Medium-sized carpet. It can be used for zoning a room. So, if you put it in a rest area, then put a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table on it. That is, the interior items related to the zone, again, must fit on the carpet (at least partially).
  • Little. It can be a real bright accent. Place it in the middle of the room and do not make it furniture, so that it immediately catches your eye.

Textured features

If earlier only short pile carpets and carpets were available, today the length of the pile can reach several centimeters. And such a soft carpet may well replace the sofa, because it is so nice to lie down with a book in your hands. And if you choose a carpet with an unusual and complex texture, you can give the interior originality or elegance.

Color solutions

The color of the carpet is also very important. Some interesting ideas:

  • A light carpet will help to make the room more spacious, warm, cozy and bright.
  • Dark carpet will allow to separate the floor from the ceiling or clearly identify some part.
  • Bright carpet will be an interesting accent. In the photo, these carpets look very interesting.
  • If the carpet is matched in color with finishing materials and other interior items, it will be a neutral element.
  • To select furniture, choose a carpet that will contrast with it in color.
  • Want to make the design clear and complete? Then choose a carpet to match the walls and place it on the floor, but so that part of the floor is always visible.
  • To dilute the boring interior, use a carpet of bright colors with unusual patterns. But in this case, all the attention will be paid to him, and the rest of the objects will literally be “lost”. So if they are bright, then this idea is better not to use.

Variety of shapes

Carpets with unusual shapes look bright and unusual, but only in modern design. With a classic interior, made in a restrained style, they will not be combined.

By the way, if you like to experiment, then acquire several carpets at once and combine them. For example, you can spread them in a chaotic manner, or even place them on top of each other.

What is in fashion?

To make the carpet really a self-sufficient and original part of the interior, you need to know fashion trends. Here are some of them:

  • Extremely long pile. It can reach several centimeters. But remember that such a carpet will require careful and constant care.
  • Carpets with carved patterns. They look very bright and original, but the functionality does not differ.
  • Pastel shades: peach, beige, sand.
  • Carpets of bright colors. Particularly relevant are green, orange, purple, red, blue, yellow and others.
  • Bright prints: geometric, animalistic, ethnic, abstract,
  • Non-standard forms.

Use carpets properly!

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