How can I wear a long dress?

Sundresses and dresses in the floor have long been loved by women of fashion all over the world. In such clothes you can see many Hollywood stars and even your favorite movie characters. So, the heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker in the series "Sex and the City", Kerry, proved to everyone who doubts that even a woman of low stature can afford to wear a long sundress simply by picking the right model.

Therefore, there is no reason to deny yourself the purchase of such things, you just need to learn how to competently combine them with other elements of the wardrobe.

What can be added to the maxi-dress to create a fashionable image?

Maxi-outfits were created in contrast to short skirts and dresses, allowing to demonstrate all the charms of the female body. But it’s not for nothing that they say that there must be a mystery in a woman. Yes, and many of the fair sex have quite outstanding forms to wear candid outfits.

Designers, taking into account such moments, created an element of women's wardrobe that would suit the thin girls and women in the body, while creating an attractive appearance.Sarafans on the floor always favorably emphasize the lines of the shoulder and décolleté, while hiding the flaws of the hips and legs.

Maxi dresses are universal. Using them as a basis, you can create several simple and very spectacular images that are suitable for both everyday use and for more solemn occasions.

The right shoes = comfort + elegance

Stylists do not recommend adding sundresses to the floor with massive shoes. Give preference to graceful, easy models that will not overload the image. Ideal in this case would be:

  1. Flip flops A perfect solution, which is suitable for pleasant walks or hikes on the beach. If the fabric of your clothes has a geometric pattern or a variety of prints, it is better to purchase slippers without a flashy decor. If your choice is on a single-colored model, then you can afford shoes with more active decorations - flowers, sequins or rhinestones.
  2. Sandals. Another win-win and comfortable option, perfectly combined with maxi-length clothing. Both usual options and popular for several seasons sandals with a large number of straps - “gladiators” presented in the photo.
  3. Sandals.An excellent addition can be a model with a classic wide heel or even a thin heel, showing open fingers and your pedicure.
  4. Boats. There is nothing surprising in this tandem, closed shoes are able to give the summer alongside elegance and a more solemn look. The graceful forms of red boats will be in perfect harmony with a white sundress.
  5. Sport shoes. Long sundresses can have different variations, even sports models, under which you can safely wear moccasins, lightweight sneakers or textile sneakers.
  6. Wedge-heeled shoes. Comfortable wedge sandals of different heights will add grace to your image and, at the same time, will not let your legs get too tired even with long walks. In addition, this is a great option for full girls, the wedge visually lengthens the silhouette, making it more slender.

Outerwear - a spectacular addition

If there are enough shoe choices with which a suede-length ankle length is combined, then you need to be careful with outer clothing so as not to turn an elegant ensemble into a ridiculous bad taste.

Outerwear that you can wear over the summer dress is always useful if you are going to a celebration or have decided to make an evening walk.

  1. A jacket. Floor-length dresses look good with knitwear jackets or eco-leather in 2016. Jackets of bright color will suit sundresses of calm colors, for example, white or blue. Dresses with drawings and prints imply a combination with a monochromatic top. A jacket with floral motifs can be easily worn with plain dresses.
  2. Denim jacket. Despite its simplicity, a denim jacket will give an image of romanticism and will always look relevant. Instead of a jacket, you can also wear a vest decorated with rivets or shiny stones.
  3. Bolero. Shorter blouses will not protect you from the wind, but they will become an original addition. The knitwear bolero is in perfect harmony with the sport sundresses on the floor, and the silk ones will complete the evening look.

Original accessories - highlight image

Even the simplest sundress can transform jewelry, the choice of which is now truly great.

  1. Bijouterie. Stylists advise to abandon accessories made of precious metals in favor of original jewelry.It can be long earrings, massive monolithic or openwork bracelets or a few dozen thin ones, dressed both on the arm and on the leg.
  2. Clock. Excellent addition, with which even the daily look will get a new breath. Depending on the style of the chosen sundress, the girl may prefer the model on a thin strap with a small round dial or a noticeable, male-like, electronic version.
  3. Handbag. It is unlikely that at least one woman will be able to leave the house empty-handed, because there are things without which one cannot do either at work or during rest. And put them just get in your purse. For fashionable images in this season based on maxi-sundresses small clutches or handbags on a long strap are perfect, but bags-string bags will look ridiculous.
  4. A light scarf. Weightless chiffon products can be turned into an unusual belt, hair bandage, accessory for a bag or just wrapped around the neck. They will add to your look a touch of lightness and airiness.

Long sarafans knowingly enjoy great popularity, because they do not hamper the movements, they allow you to feel comfortable even in the scorching heat and are able to transform any woman, giving her tenderness and refinement.

The options with which to wear such an outfit are a huge variety, and every fashionista will find for herself the right style and texture.

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