How best to install doors

You will need
  • - an ax;
  • - crowbar;
  • - a hammer;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wooden wedges;
  • - anchor bolts;
  • - metal pins;
  • - welding machine;
  • - polyurethane foam:
  • - assembly knife:
  • - cement mortar.
Remove the old door by removing the canvas from the hinges. To do this, the door should be opened as wide as possible and raised with an ax or crowbar. After such an operation, the web is freely removed in the upper direction. If the hinges on the doors are one-piece, unscrew them with a screwdriver.
Disconnect the old door frame. Remove the anchor bolts and nails from the wooden bars that constitute it, and then cut the box into two parts - the upper and the lower. It remains to tear the severed design of the box with a hammer, ax and scrap. Free the edges of the gap from the remaining fasteners, pieces of insulation and old plaster.
Secure the frame of the new door in the doorway using special mounting plates attached to the side bases.Hammer metal pins, pieces of reinforcement into the mounting holes, or screw in anchor bolts capable of wedging yourself. When the pins are installed, attach them to the frame by welding.
When installing the frame, use wooden wedges, placing them at the bottom and sides. This will allow you to accurately maintain the technological gaps for which the door is designed. If the dimensions were taken in good faith, this operation is not difficult. Exposing the frame, from time to time check its position on the construction level.
When the frame is securely installed, hang the door leaf on it. Grease the hinges. Install all door hardware in its place. Fill the gaps between the frame and the doorway around the perimeter with mounting foam, taking care not to leave any gaps. To make the foam adhere better to the construction details, wet the walls with cold water. About a day later, when the foam hardens, cut its protruding parts with a sharp knife.
Put in order the walls and slopes adjacent to the new door, closing the mounting plates with cement mortar. Installation of the door is complete.

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