How are static exercises useful?

And you knew that in order to bring the body into a good form, it is not always enough to use only active sets of exercises, sometimes unexpected and extremely bright result can be earned after static loads.

What is it and how do they affect the figure? Questions are interesting and need your attention, if you really care not only about beauty, but also about the health of your body.

In general, static stress is a completely natural state for our muscles, exactly as dynamic. Remember, for example, the work of our spine: it is in constant static tension, supporting the body in an upright position, while constantly being in tone.

Gymnastics, based on static exercises, is close to this state: the muscles are under serious stress, but at the same time, they do not produce any active actions.

The simplest example of static loads is to stand up straight, arms spread to the sides at shoulder level and stand still in that position for at least a minute.You can check, you immediately feel the tension in the muscles of the arms and back, and in fact, at first glance, you are not doing anything complicated.


By neglecting this type of stress, you are depriving yourself of the enormous benefits that they can bring even from doing exercises in half power. To realize the power and effectiveness of static exercises, it is necessary, at least a little, to understand their essence.

Static loads, which are carried out without much strain or, so to speak, half-power, are produced by the work of red muscle fibers, which are an excellent tool for obtaining energy from fat deposits.

Thus, if your main goal of training is losing weight, then static exercises with small loads are your ideal solution to problems.

However, it is worth noting that they most effectively help burn fat that has already been removed from adipose tissue, mainly due to power loads.

If static exercises are performed with maximum stress, then the bulk of the white muscle fibers, which are known to take part in the development of strength and increase in muscle mass, are already included in the work. Moreover, if you do the exercises with full dedication, the results will not take long to wait.

In addition, to practice gymnastics based on statics, it is not at all necessary to buy any exercise equipment or sports equipment, it can be practiced even at home, without visiting sports clubs.

In fact, they can be performed anywhere, and if there is an opportunity to use some additional sports equipment, the benefits of them will double! In other words, static gymnastics is an ideal option for those who want to bring their figure back to normal, achieve a beautiful and smart silhouette, but, for some reason, does not have access to special fitness clubs.

What to watch out for?

Despite the fact that all such complexes of exercises are rather sparing and safe even for those categories of people who often cannot deal with dynamic loads, there are some peculiarities that are important to know.

With static loads, the following point should be taken into account: when performing any exercise, the stronger the stress on the muscles, the weaker its blood flow. At the highest loads, the capillaries are completely pinched, which leads to a complete stop of the blood flow, which in turn leads to quite serious strains on the heart muscle and the entire circulatory system as a whole.

Therefore, to engage in static gymnastics is not recommended for people who have serious problems with the heart and blood vessels. In addition, this type of load has another feature: when performing such exercises, the muscles do not stretch at all, which leads to a noticeable decrease in the flexibility of the body.

Solving this issue is simple: the general training complex necessarily includes stretching the muscles, which, in fact, opens up the secret to you the ideal means of maintaining the whole body in good physical shape.

How are they performed?

Gymnastics technique is primitively simple, but still a couple of basic rules must be followed. To begin with, it is necessary to carry out the usual warm-up, and then proceed to the main complex, which can encompass both the entire body completely and focus on individual parts, for example, on the stomach or back.

Almost all the exercises are performed under the action of its own weight, the duration of each - 10-15 seconds, as a result, a characteristic burning sensation in the muscles should appear.

The whole point is that the muscles periodically tightened and then relaxed, by the way, the last process - not least important for restoring the body and improving health.There are small breaks between approaches - 30-60 seconds.

A popular example of static loads can be power practices from yoga, as well as various gymnastics complexes for statics, a detailed description of which can always be found on relevant sites.

Do it with pleasure!

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