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Holiday for children at home

Who knows where you can buy food for children in Moscow to have a toy as a gift?

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In institutions, such as McDonald's or KFC, you can take a toy to the children's kit. On the eve of the holiday - for sure.

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In the food delivery services, specify whether the toy can be attached to the order.

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You can buy the toy yourself separately, separately - some kind of dish - and so donate.

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My girlfriend for her daughter's birthday ordered a small pizza in the Empire of Pizza, and there the toy was attached as a gift.

Combine yourself such a gift, it will be even better.

I think the child needs a holiday. Can you believe me .. Our youngest son will be in April 6 years old and I have already started to think how to spend it. This is a fairy tale that a child is waiting for, he is waiting for a miracle. We always arrange birthdays with his friends. This year we want to order animators, hold a children's concert and a show of cartoons, and then a disco and contests. All sweets to the table will be bought in the Marmalader shophttps://marmeladnitsa.ru/jelly-belly/

Such a gift is usually offered when children's cafes hold promotions. About the days of their conduct can be found on the sites of such cafes, or on sites that collect such information. And on a typical day it’s unlikely to get a good toy.

From my own experience, I can say that when organizing children's parties, such a disposable tablecloth is very useful.https://www.mirpack.ru/catalog/skatert-odnorazovaya. The fact is that children are more mobile, and therefore they often spill juice, drop pieces of cake and other food on the table, smearing the surface. This tablecloth then does not need to be washed, but you can simply replace if necessary.

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