Hohensalzburg - a place worth visiting

True travelers know, in order to learn more interesting about the country you came to, it is worth at least temporarily to deviate from the usual sightseeing routes. Going to Austria, be sure to check out the famous Salzburg. Among the many attractions, you should definitely visit the symbol of the city - Hohensalzburg fortress.

Ancient history

Hohensalzburg is the heart of the old city. Its history has more than 900 years, during which the appearance of the castle remained almost unchanged. Translated from German, the name means "high fortress of Salzburg." And from the observation towers and really there is a beautiful view of the whole city.

Its construction was begun at the end of the 11th century, when the city flourished, successfully selling salt. But competitors were not asleep, so the construction of fortifications was more a necessity than a whim of local authorities.

At first it was a small residential area and a small church. In 17-18 art.the outer part of the structure was expanded and strengthened, and after 200 years there appeared several towers and a bastion. Over time, the fortress continued to improve, and at the beginning of the 16th century. thanks to Archbishop Leonard von Koichach, an uninterrupted water supply was established. In the event of a siege, this made it possible for those on the territory of Hohensalzburg not to die of thirst.

In addition, in 1500, the first funicular in the world was successfully launched here, with the help of which products and other goods were delivered to the fortress from the foot of Mount Festun.

Once the castle had to endure a siege. This happened in 1525, when peasant revolts reached their peak. But they never managed to capture it.

Majesty and impressive proportions, which are visible even in the photo, made Hohensalzburg one of the largest castles in the world.

What should I look for?

Arriving in Salzburg, you will immediately notice the fortress. It is visible from anywhere in the city. How to get there? Very easy. In the city, two buses run to it, numbered 5 and 25. And if you went for a walk through the old town, then the fastest will be to use the old funicular, which is itself a reminder of history.

After seeing the road leading to the sights and the external powerful walls, you may think that this is all that may surprise the symbol of the city.

But it is worth getting inside, as the opinion immediately changes. On a huge area of ​​30 thousand square meters. m there are as many as 20 buildings, each of which is of special interest. You can explore several towers, a bakery building, a church, a bakery and even a prison.

The residential part of the castle meets all the canons of luxury of the royal palace. Gothic elements of the interior, furniture made of precious wood, walls covered with leather with gold decor, and old paintings fascinate with their beauty.

It is worth to visit the historical museum in the territory of Hohensalzburg. There are collections of weapons, coins, clothing and household items from the Middle Ages.

And looking into the bishop’s apartment, you will have a unique opportunity to see a very interesting structure - the toilet. Perhaps a hole in the floor and a wooden high chair, which was made for convenience, will seem ridiculous to you, but at that time this room could claim to be the most modern in the whole world.

For those who are afraid to get lost among such greatness,there are excursions, as well as very convenient tickets, including travel on a cable car to both sides, free visit to all the buildings of the castle and an audio guide for 10 euros.

There are cafes and souvenir shops on the territory of the fortress for tourists, where you can relax and buy cute things for memory.

Courses for artists are held here annually, as well as all kinds of concerts.

Hohensalzubrg is an amazing place where you can feel the real spirit of the Middle Ages, admiring and marveling at its beauty and scale.

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