Help me please! I ordered a smartphone from a Chinese online store, from Aliexpress. Continued below.

The seller impudently deceived me with a smartphone. Of course, I was angry with him and decided to deceive him myself! I ordered a smartphone again, but from another seller. To deceive it you need to make a smartphone in Photoshop in adobe photoshop cs5 or cs6 as if it broke a smartphone, that is, to do a broken (broken screen) in Photoshop, but I don�t know how to make the smartphone look like it�s in the photo. Take a picture of this smartphone at home when it comes from China, and sfotoshopit! Help who can thank you in advance)))
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Hmm ... Abode Photoshop will not work. The contrast is overpriced and everything else. Here's a link for you (copy and paste into the address bar) - it even no need to download. BUT, I warn you: First minus: (If the case goes to court) you can be imprisoned for faking evidence. Better to just write a statement to the seller to the police. If you have enough evidence you can win up to 100,000 rubles in court! Second minus: Exif file in the photo will be noticeable.

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