Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Wilma Kutavičiut

For the first time, an actress with Lithuanian roots, Wilma Kutavičiūt, was talked about after the release of Alexei Teacher’s G8 film. A girl with an unusual appearance, incredible charm and mild reprimand (Wilma learned Russian in two years!) Attracted the attention of directors and starred in nine more projects. Very soon the romantic comedy “Love Story” by Peter Todorovsky (Valery Todorovsky’s son) will be released, where Vilma performed the main role. In the meantime, SUNMAG found the actress on the set of the next film in distant Mexico and asked about work, life in Moscow and the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Wilma, the name of the movie “Love Story” speaks for itself. How do you feel about romance?

By the end of the interview you will understand who you are dealing with. To put it mildly, I'm far from romantic. Perhaps I will become them in old age ... a nostalgic romantic. I will sit on the beach under an umbrella and write love letters to the old man from the next issue.By the way, my heroine from the movie “Love Story” also has a rather sarcastic attitude to life until a certain time. But then everything changes. I like this story because it doesn’t look like a typical cute movie about two guys who hold their hands and kiss against the background of the sunset. In the picture there is also cruelty, resentment, fear, struggle for a person. In the center of the plot are two adults who sometimes behave like underage and crazy assholes. But everything is seasoned with enough humor, which is very important.

Soon Day of all lovers. Will you celebrate? At school, by the way, cut valentines?

Are these hearts like that? In fact, the boys in the school considered me a scary ugly girl. I'm afraid to disappoint all the romantics who will watch Love Story, but I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. In my opinion, this is a very strange holiday.

I know that in childhood you wrote poetry ... As for me, this is already a romantic impulse.

They had nothing to do with romance. One poem I could write a whole month. I liked the pun, linguistics.

Alexander Petrov became your partner in “Love Story”. How did you meet? Immediately worked together?

We are fellow students with Sasha.We studied together at GITIS, finished the course of Leonid Heifetz. After often met at different samples and wanted to work together. And now we have a chance.

What was the most difficult thing on the set?

Get up at five in the morning ... And this hour to play complex scenes. Still can not stand the cold. The whole acting is reduced to what you think, how to make it so that your teeth do not chatter. We are generally very unlucky with the weather. Removed in the wild cold, of course, in summer clothes, also in the sea ... we bathed.

Frame from the film “Love Story”

In the story, your heroine gets into the car, the driver of which, by the will of fate, is her former lover. It's just a sign of fate! You yourself notice such things?

In general, yes, I believe in signs of fate. I believe that until you solve the issue with one person, you will meet him everywhere and constantly. This applies to everything. As long as we do not change something in ourselves, problems will not go away, the situation will not be resolved by itself. And in the fate I believe, no matter how silly it may sound. If you met that same person, he will not go anywhere from you - neither tomorrow, nor in a week, nor in a year. In my opinion, this is Gabriel García Márquez said.

Is your heart free now?

Even if it is free, it is always busy.I do not cease to wonder how it finds time for this.

What should a man do in order for Wilma Kutavičiute to pay attention to him?

To do nothing.

They say about Sasha Petrov that he is very emotional during work. What kind of character are you? What can make you mad?

Being emotional on the shooting is not bad at all. This is normal. The actor should try to get himself out of the comfort zone. The German actor Klaus Kinsky was so out of his mind that he once shot an Indian on the set, and the director Werner Herzog even wanted to “order” Klaus to the locals to poison him. Not a joke. And after all, the guys made a brilliant movie, then they laughed at it all, they were best friends. Sometimes you sit, wait all day, eat, drink a hundred glasses of coffee, sleep, smoke ... And then you have to quickly go out and play, or the light will go. Of course, there is no emotion here. I am often unhappy with what I am doing. Especially angry, infuriating myself to the scene "went." Generally afraid to shoot! It constantly seems that I am a terribly non-gay and ugly person. Therefore, I can constantly talk or shoot at a shooting.Thus, I prepare myself emotionally and distract from the thought that they will soon be taking a close-up shot. But it normal. We, the actors, have such work - we must be able to subordinate the psyche and control it.

Tell me what the project is currently being shot in Mexico? Did you manage to see something? There's such an exotic ...

The film is called "Trotsky." Filming takes place in the capital, Mexico City. I saw a little while. Skeletons on the streets are dressed in wedding dresses ... In general, it is quite dangerous here. I was told that the subway even has separate cars for men and women, and whistles are distributed to the ladies at the entrance so that if something happens they can give a signal for help. On the other hand, similar foreign projects are another opportunity to see the world. And I love to travel. And the further from the place of residence, the better.

Photo posted by Vilma Kutavičiūtė (@vilmakutaviciute)Jan 10 2017 at 5:47 PST

Wilma, you have a very interesting family. Grandmother is a champion in chess. Mother is a doctor, father is a composer. I know that as a child, you have a musical career. Why did you choose acting?

I went to a music school, after which all became musicians. And I hated playing the piano.I remember at home there was a Buddha statuette on it, and dad furiously beat her into the rhythm of the instrument itself, that once, while I was playing, the figurine fell off the stomach, then my hands, and then the whole god of harmony fell into pieces. In order to shirk lessons, I locked myself in the bathroom or portrayed that I was sick ... I did everything, just not to play music. And when I was about eight years old, my dad said that I didn't care to beat him in this matter and nothing shines in music, in short, he was absolutely right. I do not regret at all. Why actor? I do not even know. Perhaps a teen whim. I never thought that I would do it.

Tell me how you managed to learn Russian so quickly and well?

You will not believe, but this question is always asked to me. Right now I am in Mexico, where no one speaks English. And I can speak even in Spanish - there's nothing to be done. In Russia, the first time did not part with the Cyrillic alphabet and tried to get out on the correct metro station. I repeated the words I heard from passers-by. Like a parrot, in general.

Do you regret that you moved from your native Vilnius to Moscow? How do you like in the capital?

Moving was the right decision.I would do the same now. I like Moscow. There are more opportunities. I even managed to put on a performance in the Yermolova Theater. I am very grateful to Oleg Menshikov, the artistic director, for taking and entrusting the production to a person who is not associated with the direction. I dreamed about it. In Vilnius, this would not have happened.

What difficulties did you encounter while living in the capital?

With all possible, starting with a catastrophic lack of money. Sometimes there was nothing, all the funds went to school. In the embassy, ​​where she rented a room, someone always fed me. But I'm not complaining, it was a great time. So far, of course, not everything is smooth, but I even like it. When everything in life becomes calm and peaceful, I gradually begin to go crazy.

With whom of the fellow countrymen living in the capital, are you friends? Maybe with Agnia Ditkovskite?

No we are not familiar. I have almost no friends. Friends, yes. In the capital, with only one Lithuanian communicate.

For some reason, I could not find you in social networks ... I watched badly?

Yeah. In fact, I am everywhere. Recently, I was even forced to start Instagram. But its essence is not yet understood. Perhaps he to raise self-esteem? You play badly, you open Instagram, and there's a hundred likes like a picture of your lunch from live crabs. While I understand, I decide how to deal with these social networks.Constantly want to retire from everywhere.

Frame from the film "Eight"

You have an interesting appearance, natural beauty. In one interview you stated: “In Russia, certain“ standards of beauty ”are being observed for commercial projects. This is not my format, just as I am not theirs. ” What is your format? Can you describe the very “standards” that you talked about?

Yes, even scripts are often obtained with definition. For example, the role of "Kate - blonde, bitch secretary." "Nadia is a wife, a kind, sweet, stupid chicken." Another delightful description of the character "strange." How to play it? Eyes roll up? The same with looks. For some reason, the main character is always a beauty with big eyes, a narrow face, a pretty nose, white teeth. Probably, otherwise we do not understand why the protagonist (a tall, handsome man with about the same face as her, with the only difference that he has bristles) liked it. The situation is repeated with character. To fall in love with the heroine, she must be sweet, smiling, while being able to cook and must suffer a little. Anything that goes beyond ordinary standards, we do not understand and do not perceive. We do not sympathize with strong heroes, for they are strong, the creatures, respectively, insensible.The bad are always the bad, were born such! And no internal experiences could lead to this. Similarly, in real life, we only make diagnoses: this one is an asshole, a bad husband, the other is an alcoholic, a drug addict, stupid, and that monster in general left children. And how people come to such a life, we do not want to understand.

Tell me what role do you dream?

Ambiguous, controversial. Like every actor, I guess.

In which films and performances will we see you soon?

While acting in Trotsky. And so there are two more projects, but it is too early to talk about them. In parallel, I am studying for a director at Eimuntas Nekrosius.

How do you feel about fashion? Can you name the fashionable must have from Wilma Kutavichyute?

I love everything that looks simple. I buy monophonic things and necessarily three sizes larger. I love huge sweaters and cardigans and more overalls. I got a whole collection of them.

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