Have you heard about the fat diet?

Most diets are based on reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, and to eat mostly light protein foods, vegetables and fruits. Polish nutritionist Kwasniewski, however, believes that fatty foods will help to lose weight - this statement is supported by his thirty years of experience in dietology.

According to Kwasniewski, a fatty diet will help not only to easily get rid of unwanted pounds, but also to put in order the heart, kidneys, blood vessels and improve the condition of diabetics. Food, according to the dietician, should be taken only in a calm state, and after a meal you need to rest a little.

What is the point?

After many years of research, the author concluded that the body needs food, which gives strength and is easily digested. As a result, he realized that animal fats are ideally suited to this definition.

Dietitian called this system "optimal nutrition" - it combines principles that will suit those who love to eat hearty and delicious.In addition, food will help not only people with excess kilograms, but also those who are underweight.

Here are the main principles of fatty nutrition:

  • Forget about TV, reading, talking, and any other distractions while eating. There is a need to slowly, in complete peace of mind, and chew food very carefully. After eating, you should rest 15-20 minutes, and you can begin to exercise not earlier than in 2.5-3 hours;
  • You need to eat only fat-rich food. Of course, occasionally you can afford to eat a piece of bread (not shop) or some vegetables, but you should mainly eat lard, meat, dairy products, eggs, and by-products - Kwasniewski insists that animal food contains all the necessary body vitamins and elements;
  • Significantly reduce the consumption of fruits and vegetables, that is, to abandon fiber, which, according to a specialist, is useless for humans. Instead of eating a couple of fruits, it is better to drink two glasses of pure water;
  • The fat diet does not have specific terms - it is recommended to adhere to it throughout life.

According to Kwasniewski, such a diet is most effective for losing weight. Sometimes you can also afford a few potatoes, pasta and flour products.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many experts were divided in opinions - whether the fatty diet is useful, or harmful. If we talk about the pros, they will undoubtedly be:

  • psychological comfort, because you can eat hearty and tasty, at any time of the day;
  • absence of overeating - the saturation with fatty food occurs very quickly, and it is simply impossible to eat more than the body needs;
  • lack of hunger;
  • a burst of energy and strength, good mood.

Among the downsides of this approach, experts note:

  • imbalance in the daily diet;
  • risk of developing certain diseases due to lack of carbohydrates.

Nutritionists recommend adhering to the fat diet with caution, watching for the slightest changes in your body, and if they manifest, such a diet is better to stop.

What should be the diet?

Having decided to eat according to the principles of Kwasniewski, it is better to immediately make up a menu for a week or at least a few days ahead. Here's how breakfast, lunch and dinner can look on this power system:

  • Breakfast. Fried eggs (3 eggs) and a small piece of bread, dipped in fat.
  • Dinner. For lunch, you can eat a piece of carbonade fried in an egg (about 150 g) and 2-3 potatoes. In addition, you can afford a small vegetable, for example, a cucumber.
  • Dinner. 2-3 cheese cakes with a sufficient amount of butter, unsweetened marmalade and a mug of fatty cream.

Following this menu, according to the author, it is possible in principle not to want dinner, so Kwasniewski advises not to force himself to eat by force. If you do not want to eat, it is better to move the meal the next day, or to abandon it altogether.

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