Have you heard about the dog Sulimov?

There are many different breeds of dogs, and among them there are little-known and absolutely not popular. One of them is Sulimov's dog. It is amazing and unique in its own way, but not for everyone.

What is this breed?

Sulimov's dog is unique in its own way, because it is a hybrid of a dog and a jackal, in particular, a Nenets husky and an ordinary Central Asian jackal. Other names of this breed are "shakalayka", "shalayka" and "shabaka". Such a breed is considered a quaternon (from the word "quart", that is, a quarter), since in the genetic code there is a fourth part of jackal genes.

How did the breed appear and develop?

The history of the breed is quite short and began in the second half of the last century. The variety arose thanks to the Soviet biologist Klim Sulimov, who is still a leading expert in the field of cynology and continues to research.

Presumably in the sixties of the last century he was instructed to bring out a dog that possessed an exceptional sense of smell and was endowed with endurance.Then Sulimov was at the position of chief breeder of the special security service of Aeroflot, so he had to provide the breed, which was supposed to be an excellent bloodhound and help with the search, as well as when searching for suspicious objects.

Why did the biologist decide to connect precisely the jackal and the husky? For example, wolves, which were also considered, were of considerable size and not so prominent sense of smell. The jackal has an impeccable scent. In addition, it is almost omnivorous, and the main part of its diet consists of vegetable products, for example, berries, grass. That is, such an animal, as it seemed to Sulimov, could unmistakably identify narcotic substances made from natural raw materials. And the biologist did not lose. Another useful quality of a jackal is its resistance to high temperatures, which in the wild sometimes exceed 40-60 degrees.

As for the second component of the hybrid mixture, that is, huskies, it was also chosen by chance. First, it is exclusively a working breed, and this means that it is very hardy. Secondly, huskies live in the northern regions and withstand frosts, adapting to them.Thus, Sulimov obtained a breed with an amazing sense of smell, and also resistant to significant temperature differences. And this is an ideal option for search work.

The first litters of the 1st generation of hybrids were obtained only in 1975, but research continued. And only at the beginning of this century (in 2002) Sulimov’s dogs began to be fully used in the service as search dogs.

Breeding work

Such a breed as Sulimov's dog was bred as a result of the work of a biologist. Klim did not immediately succeed in presenting a hybrid that met all the requirements. The first brood, obtained as a result of crossing the jackal and the dog and nurtured by the Nenets husky, was remarkable for its size, characteristic of wild animals with external data, and also an unbalanced character.

Feeding the dog, according to the breeder, was to capture her image and make it predominant, determining the belonging to this particular species. And yet the first mestizos were quite aggressive, unsociable and poorly amenable to training.

Further, it was decided to re-cross the hybrids, but with huskies so that the jackal's genes were only 25%.But even after this crossbreeding, problems arose, since some puppies were very wild and did not perceive people, including those involved in the training of dog handlers. Further breeding work allowed to minimize the negative qualities and get a hardy search dog ready for work.

How many live?

The average life expectancy of the dog Sulimova is about ten to twelve years.

External data and habits

Sulimov's dogs are relatively small and very agile. The growth is about 40-50 centimeters, the average weight is 14-15 kilograms. In appearance, there are features like husky, and jackal, which is clearly visible in the photo. The muzzle is elongated and pointed, the torso is not very long and well developed, the hind limbs are somewhat shorter than the front ones. Pointed ears, resemble wolf. The muscular system is well formed and developed, the ligaments are incredibly strong, as is the whole musculoskeletal system.

The breed has a rather thick and hard coat, it usually has a brown color with light patches. On the chest there is a bright spot, the tips of the paws, as a rule, are also light.

Character traits

Sulimov's dog has a difficult character, it will definitely not become a true friend and will not become attached to its owner, which is due to the genes of wild jackals. The tasks of this breed are completely different, and representatives perfectly cope with them. So, they learn well, and at an early age even show an interest in learning new skills. But the main incentive for them is encouragement in the form of some kind of delicacy, the approval of the trainer or cynologist is absolutely not required for such dogs.

Sulimov's dogs are not tied to people, and even the owner is treated rather coldly, keeping a certain distance. This breed is distinguished by its waywardness and independence, its representatives are independent and often isolate themselves from other animals, but they calmly contact their tribesmen, sometimes showing amazing qualities of mutual help.

Sulimov's dogs are fearless and brave, active, very mobile and energetic, they quickly execute all the teams, and at an early age love to play, and with any objects. Animals do their job well.

Advice: it is not worthwhile to start such a dog as a pet, as it will not become a faithful and loyal friend.


Training such animals lend themselves well, but do not show aggression and intolerance during the study of new teams. Clearly explain the tasks, encourage the dog with treats. But you should not prove your superiority, anyway, his representative of the breed does not recognize, as well as human love and affection.

How to care for such a dog?

Complicated care is not required, it is enough to regularly comb the wool and comb it during the sponge, as well as to carry out preventive treatments for worms, ticks and fleas. Cutting nails is optional and unpleasant for a pet, so it is best to avoid it. As you pollute the dog Sulimov you can bathe, most of the breed are not afraid of water.


The diet should include meat, fish, cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables, that is, everything that the huskies and jackals usually eat.

Sulimov's dog is an amazing hybrid of a jackal and a husky, and now you know much more about him.

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