Handmade Kanzashi Bezel

At present, very popular and very beautiful are considered handmade jewelry, which are manufactured in Kansas technique. Such jewelry is very famous and beautiful in that it is possible to make floral arrangements of any complexity. The flowers in this technique take on a different form, and in them one can combine, at first glance, very different colors and materials. Very beautiful look these floral compositions on the barrettes, elastic bands, brooches, bandages and rims. Kanzashi came to us from the Japanese beauties, and we all know that they are the great women of fashion and the first to decorate their hairdo with flowers, adding to their hairstyle a certain zest and sophistication. Now, Kansas hair jewelry is very common on the hairstyles of toddlers, young girls, who supplement their outfits, both for everyday and for social parties, graduation parties, discos and others. Moreover, such a product as a gift will be very relevant and rather unusual.You can always please your girlfriend, sister, mother with an individual hand-made product that will always remind you of you. With this joint master class we will learn how to make a bright and shiny hair band that is very well suited for hairstyles, both for babies and for girls. This hoop will be very relevant to any summer dress in pink and claret tones. What we need for a rim: • Metal rim for hair 5 mm wide; • Three brilliant purple cabochon with a diameter of 5-6 mm; • Narrow satin ribbon of white color, 5 mm wide, about 30 cm; • Silver and pink brocade ribbons, both 4 cm wide, take one meter in length; • • Organza burgundy ribbon , width 4 cm, length 70-75 cm; • Lighter; • Ruler and scissors; • Tweezers; • Glue gun; • Metal clips or clamps pki; • Thread with a needle.
 Handmade kanzashi bezel
What we need for the bezel All ribbons go with a brilliant base, as from brocade, as from organza. Therefore, the flowers will be very rich and bright with a brilliant shade. So, in our hoop there will be three flowers.Some flowers are sharper, while others are rounded, and therefore are made differently. One flower will have nine rounded organza petals, and two flowers will be double, consisting of eight pointed petals each. We measure 19 squares of silver brocade 4 * 4 cm, 6 squares of pink brocade 4 * 4 cm and 16 squares of maroon organza also 4 * 4 cm. All the squares are cut out and each side is fired with a cigarette lighter.
Measure 19 squares from the silvery
Making a rounded petal. Take the square.
 Making a rounded petal
Add it once diagonally. Then we take the acute angle and first apply the right side to the center
 Make a rounded petal
 Add it up
Then left. Bend back and make a smooth cut from the bottom and back,parallel to the front of the petal.
 Add it
Slices are processed so that the threads do not break. We press the tweezers well.
Level, ready. We make 6 pink and 3 silver petals of this form in total.
 add a silver square diagon
What about second type of petal: fold the silver square diagonally.
 fold the silver square diagonally
 add a silver square diagonally
The second time also in half, take the clamp and press it. Now fold the organza.
 fold silver square
Also twice, like the previous one.
 fold silver square
 we fold the silver square
 fold the square
 fold square
Sharpened up, now fold the brocade triangle to the organza triangle just a little lower, about 2-3 mm indent. Exactly fold in half. Bottom smooth cut, baked and clamped. Then cut and side, process.
we fold square
 fold square
 fold square
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/12/1458-skladyvaem-kvadrat.jpg" alt="add square" title="add square">
Get such a petal. There are a total of 16 flowers for two flowers.
 Handmade Kanzash Rim
We have three colors, we prepare three substrates. Cut the squares, then circles.
 Handmade Kanzash Headband
 Handmade kanzashi bezel
Handmade kanzashi bezel
Stitching petals one by one with a thread, sticking with a gun the middle and the backing.
Bezel Kanzashi handmade
A narrow white ribbon is pasted around the rim. Handmade kanzashi bezel
 Handmade kanzashi bezel
Glue the flowers on the bezel more to the right and ready! Bright summer hoop is ready! I thank everyone and wish you good luck.

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