Hand Health & Beauty

Our pens can tell a lot about us, even what we don’t think about. They talk about age, character, occupation, habits. Despite this, we often do not pay enough attention to our hands, throwing care efforts on our face. It is necessary to get rid of this attitude, thereby caring for your hands properly. Of course, men do not need special care for their limbs, but Ryan Gosling prefers to do care in salons for men.

What do your hands need?

Properly selected tools that strengthen procedures,

regular manicure - all this is necessary to ensure the beauty.

The basic rule of hygiene is regular hand washing, it affects overall health, and also the condition of the skin as a whole. Properly wash your hands need to be able to. Water when washing should not be hot or very cold. The temperature test, as a rule, leads to the following, the skin is overdried, after which it loses its former elasticity.Better warm water at room temperature, also need to use only gentle detergents. To properly dry your hands you need to wipe them properly, that is, to dry, only with gentle and light movements.

It should be avoided drying under a stream of hot air - this is a strong stress for your skin.


As everyone knows, a cream for pens should be used regularly. And if you do not do it yet, then acquire such a habit immediately. The constant use of the cream will help you to maintain the health of the hands, and also provide the skin with a youthful appearance. A light moisturizer is good for summer, for winter - choose a morefat and nutritive product.

Paraffinotherapy is a unique way to preserve the youthfulness of the hands. The procedure is usually done in specialized beauty salons, but in a home condition it is also possible. It is done as follows. To begin with, the cream is applied, then the hands are dropped into hot paraffin. You should not worry, paraffin is not so hot, in order to somehow harm you. After that, as the paraffin cools on the hands, a certain glove is formed.The action is repeated a second time, after cooling down wear a plastic glove, and on top of another one terry glove.

Such warming improves blood circulation, also heals joints.

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