Halloween masks do it yourself for girls and boys. How to draw a scary mask on your face for Halloween

MNH-007Although Halloween does not belong to the traditional Slavic holidays, it is celebrated in Russia and the countries of the former USSR quite widely. On the most terrible and gloomy day of the year, unusual carnival costumes are prepared, and faces are hidden under a layer of makeup or frightening masks made of paper or cardboard. All this mystical attributes are sold in specialized stores or offered for hire in agencies for arranging holidays. But many people prefer to show personal creativity and make masks for Halloween with their own hands. For such lovers of creativity and courageous fantasies, we have prepared a collection of the most interesting, bright and terrible ideas.After studying our workshops with photos and video explanations, you will quickly learn how to draw unusual masks for boys and girls and you can create an unforgettable and terrible festive atmosphere for Halloween both at home and in kindergarten or school.

Halloween masks do-it-yourself paper for kids

From paper and simple hand-made materials for children on Halloween make the most diverse and unusual masks by their own hands. The most popular are "Holiday Pumpkin", "Sly Leprechaun" and "Frankenstein". In this workshop, we will explain how to make masks for Halloween for these unusual, mystical characters at home.


The necessary materials for the manufacture of children's masks from paper for Halloween do it yourself

  • colored paper
  • markers
  • scissors glue
  • tape or rope
  • simple pencil

Step-by-step instructions on making Halloween masks out of paper for kids

  1. For the Pumpkin mask on the back of the orange paper sheet, draw a mask shape and mark with circles the locations of the eyes. Carefully cut the mask along the contour and make slots for the sockets.From the green paper, cut a small piece of trapezoidal shape (root) and glue it in the middle from the top. For additional intimidation, circle the outside of the orbit with a black felt-tip pen. On the sides "put" on the glue pieces of tape. These are the strings to hold the mask on the head.
  2. For the mask of Leprechaun, cut out the mask from the green paper and cut the place for the eyes with scissors. On the orange paper to draw the outline of disheveled hair, cut and paste on the green part of the mask. Black paper cut shape in the shape of a man's hat. Decorate it with a bright yellow ribbon and glue on top of red hair. Attach the strings to the side.
  3. For the mask of Frankenstein from gray-blue paper cut face. Felt pen to draw a characteristic scar on the forehead. Circle the black marker of the eye socket, and on top glue the curly cut paper brown, symbolizing the hair. From the sides to stick ribbons or gum.

DIY Halloween masks - what to draw on the face, photo


Halloween masks can be not only cut out of paper, but also painted on your face with your own hands, using the traditional means of modern make-up, gouache or paint for theatrical makeup. In the drawings and style of performance there are no restrictions.The darkest Gothic images and frightening elements are allowed. Bloody tears on a pale face look very impressive and stylish in combination with an appropriate costume, images of scars sewn up with a harsh thread, bleak veins, cracked skin from old age, fragments of the skull, specific smile to the ears and other attributes of the most terrible heroes of mystical novels and films horrors.


But in order for such a peculiar make-up to keep well and look catchy, the skin of adults and children is prepared in advance. The upper layers must be degreased with a sparing alcohol tonic, and then a fine-texture moisturizer or cosmetic base is applied under the makeup. The overall tone of the face is whitened with the help of the powder of the lightest shades or scenic white. On such a grateful basis, the makeup falls evenly, keeps the outline of the drawing well and does not crumble throughout the holiday.




Masks for Halloween with their own hands for boys - video master class

How to make a mask on Halloween with your own hands for boys, this interesting workshop tells. There is no difficulty in the process, and from scrap materials only old newspapers and toilet paper are required.But you cannot cope with making a scary mask alone, so you have to take care of a reliable assistant in advance. In this role can make a school friend, neighbor on the porch, a good friend or one of the parents. For 30-40 minutes the mask will be fully prepared and you will still have time to do a carnival costume, a festive menu and party room decoration.

DIY Halloween masks for girls - video tutorial

For a girl on Halloween, you can create with your own hands a very cool and truly eerie mask of a toothy zombie. Such an extraordinary accessory will look bright and unusual in a combination with bloodied rags and tangled hair, treated throughout the length of a special gel for wet effect.

To realistically implement a monstrous image, you will need bandages, cosmetic brushes, a pallet of multi-colored shadows, gouache, false nails and a mirror. The girl will easily cope with the manufacture of the mask itself. Moreover, it will be necessary to do this immediately before the holiday, because all the terrible attributes are attached directly to the face and it is very important not to damage them before the start of the holiday party.

Scary Halloween Mask Do-It-Yourself at Home


Halloween masks with your own hands can be made from a variety of scrap materials. The process of making holiday attributes from paper together with the final photo and video-instruction is placed at the very beginning of the article. Therefore, now we will pay attention to the rules for creating scary cardboard masks. They are sure to appeal to those who want to look at a gloomy event rather frighteningly, but do not want to paint their faces with gouache paints, makeup products or theatrical makeup, as often done on Halloween.

Necessary materials for the mask from cardboard for Halloween

  • cardboard
  • markers
  • simple pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black foam rubber
  • wooden sticks

Step-by-step instruction on how to make a terrible mask for Halloween at home

  1. On the cardboard draw a figure that corresponds to the shape of the face and carefully cut it with scissors.
  2. Make a mask round incisions in place of the eye.
  3. On the outside of the mask with a black felt-tip pen to draw a terrible physiognomy with an ominous, toothy smile to the ears (or any other image corresponding to the theme of the holiday).
  4. Cut out of foam rubber one small heart and two wide ringlets. Glue heart in the center of the mask. It will be a nose. Glue the foam rings to surround the slits for the eyes.
  5. At the end, attach the cardboard mask to the wooden stick with glue and press it down with a load at this point so that both objects stick well together. When the glue dries, use the product as intended.

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