Habitat. Market day

Habitat. Market day photoHabitat. Market day

Habitat. Market day



How to find a safe and cheap food on the market? They tell former sellers, policemen, employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor and experienced buyers.
Lyubov Alekseevna from Stary Oskol bought two kilograms of pasta on the market. At home, she sensed something was wrong, she weighed the macaroni and found that there was not enough in the package - not a little, not a little - 500 grams. For a pensioner who barely makes ends meet, this is not trivial. The woman thought that the seller accidentally made a mistake, and hurried to the market. But there they just laughed at her. Then Lyubov Alekseevna wrote a statement to the prosecutor's office. Together with the police, journalists from the Habitat went to the market. The vendors-deceivers were forced to apologize to Lyubov Alekseyevna and return what they had not reported.

It turns out the kit, the case on the market is the most common. When our correspondent got a job in a vegetable kiosk, the first lesson that the salesman gave him was about the ways of picking up buyers.All that the journalist was taught by market traders, he shot with a hidden camera and recorded on the recorder.
But only one bodywork treachery market traders are not exhausted. It turns out that in the market - that is, where we are following the old habit of going after fresh home products - we are sold all the same rotten vegetables and expired "milk". With the help of a special tracking sensor, our correspondent was able to enter the supply channels for Moscow’s grocery illiquid.
And the market is bargaining. And bargaining is an art. Not everyone owns it perfectly. The same cucumbers can be bought on the market for 60 and for 80 rubles. We will arrange for you a master class. It will be conducted by experienced people: a business consultant, a matchmaker and a kindergarten teacher. A specially invited mathematician on the market will explain why you should not make more than one purchase in one food stall.

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