Gifts to other organizations

Gifts to other organizationsHow to give gifts to other organizations

Giving gifts to other companies or their individual representatives is no less difficult than to their own boss. In order not to get into an awkward situation, carefully study this section.


How to make gifts to other companies or their individual representatives often companies make gifts to their customers or customers during the holidays. It is not necessary to give something bright and expensive: the main thing is that the gift should be pleasant.


There are also other occasions when gifts are made, for example, birthdays. When choosing a gift, stick only to the style of your company.


Be careful with joking gifts. If you are not sure that the recipient has a sense of humor, then it is better not to give at all.


Receiving gifts from other companies or representatives of other companies is the only thing you can advise: find out from the head how to accept gifts in your company!


Problems arise when you accept a gift that does not meet the standards of your company.For example, they offered you theater tickets, but your company accepts gifts worth at least thirty dollars, in which case you will have to refuse. If you are in this situation, then you need to write a letter of refusal.


The letter of refusal should focus on the traditions of your company, and not on your personal feelings. You can write that you refuse a gift not because of your personal likes or dislikes.

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