Former colleague accused Beyonce of witchcraft and black magic

Celebrities are often unbearable. Christian Bale and Sharon Stone allow themselves to scream at the assistants, Serena Williams is ready to cling to the judge, Gwyneth Paltrow on the set forces her personal assistant to wipe the shower cabin dry before taking a shower, but Naomi Campbell throws phones with nothing ... expressive rider, until recently, heard nothing special. And so Kimberly Thompson, the drummer who worked with Beyonce for seven years, accused her ... of using black magic.

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Publication from Beyoncé (@beyonce)Apr 15, 2018 at 9:22 am PDT

The story is similar to the script for the new part of the series "American Horror Story." Judge for yourself, Kimberly is ready to swear that Beyonce followed her, controlled her finances and corrupted her in every way with the help of spells, moreover, she performed sacrifices and sacrificed her cat.The girl says that these spells are still acting, not allowing her to live in peace. She went to court to forbid wife Jay-Zi to approach her. “Beyonce practices witchcraft,” says Kimberly. “Uses sex spells and animal abuse.” Beyonce chose to leave the charges without comment.

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