Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

The palace protocol prohibits non-members of the royal family from using the jewels of the British monarchs. Therefore, the first time the treasury of Elizabeth II will open for Megan Markle on her wedding day with Prince Harry, May 19 of this year; of course, the bride will have to choose a tiara. But the star of the series "Force Majeure" does not suffer from the fact that so far does not have access to the same box as the Duchess Catherine. Megan Markle has his favorite jewelry preferences and jewels, which we suggest to talk about.

Engagement ring

The most famous jewel in the Megan Markle jewelry collection is, of course, the engagement ring donated by Prince Harry. Recall that the couple's upcoming wedding was officially announced on November 27 of last year, at the same time photos of sparkling diamonds on Markl's ring finger flew around the world.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

The jewelry is made according to the sketch of Prince Harry himself by the Cleave and Company court jewelers. The metal of the ring is yellow gold (the bride likes this shade of noble metal the most), and the stones have their own history.The central diamond, cuts "kushon", weighs 3 carats, and he comes from Botswana. And to the right and left of the square-shaped fellow are two round diamonds of just under 1 carat each. This is Harry’s mother’s memory: both stones once adorned one of the Princess of Wales brooches.

Jewelers already predict that Megan's ring will affect the trends of the design of the jewelry for the engagement and the wedding almost as much as the ring of the Duchess Catherine (also Lady Diana's ring) with a blue sapphire. And estimate the value of the jewels in the range from 500 thousand to 1 million (!) Dollars.

Stacked Rings

Megan Markle is known for her love of the jewelry style "minimalism" and personal adornments, elegant and elegant, but with a twist in the design. She likes to wear several rings at once, but not as a set of identical smooth thin hoops. It combines C-shaped, open-ended ornaments with a ring whose shape resembles a typewriter or even a knuckle with a diamond micro-pave on the top, and rings with a double circle. And he wears jewelry and on his thumb, too - a fashionable courage that you will not get from Catherine. Favorite brands Megan, judging by her collection of rings, local, belonging to not the most popular designers: American Zofia, British Missoma, Canadian Birks.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

Stud earrings

“Carnations” with and without pendants is a favorite type of earrings of the prince's darling Harry. Most of all in the box Megan starts from the jewelry brand Birks - both for every day and for a solemn occasion. So, on the day of the official announcement of the engagement, the future Duchess of Sussex posed for photographers in the arms of her beloved, complementing her image with oval yellow gold with milky white opals. In the online store of the brand, this pair pusset sells for $ 1,172. In the diamond earrings, jackets of the same brand, Megan was present a month later at Her Majesty's Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. The price of jewels in the London boutique is 7,249 dollars.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

And at the Royal Charitable Foundation forum (the event took place on the last day of February of this year), Megan Markle appeared in Isabel Marant miniature yellow gold earrings with rings of black enamel around the outer circumference. The cost of the jewelry is only 90 dollars, and fashion magazines did not fail to praise Megan's ability to find and combine stylish, inexpensive, first-class quality items and accessories.

Laconic necklaces and pendants

While the future duchess of the harsh rules of palace etiquette was not forbidden to use social networks, Megan, like millions of girls around the world, placed orders on Instagram and in the same place laid out selfies with her own fashionable finds and acquisitions. Australian jewelry brand Natalie Marie has retained a snapshot of Megan’s current account for history, proud that the new style icon prefers their jewelry. In the picture, Markle imprinted herself with a short chain and a modest round pendant (the price of jewelry is $ 200), as well as a double ring on the middle finger - well, she has a lot of jewelery geometry and minimalism!

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

Another famous necklace, Megan, is a gold chain from Maya Brenner with initials M and N. As you can guess, the names of the bride and groom are hidden behind the letters: Meghan and Harry. The jewelry is made by Californian designer Maya Brenner and cost $ 240 (now the brand’s website for this necklace is already asking for $ 300 - popularity, however!). Prince Harry gave it to his darling last December.

Cuff Bracelets

Megan likes cuff bracelets, they are also hoop bracelets. One of them, having the appearance of a railway nail bent into a circle ..., appeared at the future bride of a British prince during the filming of the series "Force Majeure".The yellow gold jewelry is made by the American jewelry house Giles & Brother and costs $ 130.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

Another handsome golden man is a “Frenchman” at the price of $ 6,300. This is a bracelet by Cartier, from the Love collection with a vintage mood, during the creation of which the designers were inspired by the atmosphere of New York in the 1970s. There was gossip that this was a gift from Prince Harry, until meticulous fans of Markle found several of her photographs with this decoration for 2011. So, the bracelet was presented to the beauty by her first husband, the American producer Trevor Engelson. To open and close the bracelet you need with a screwdriver that is attached to it.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

Watch on a metal bracelet

Since February 2017, Megan Markl has not changed a single pair of watches bought during shopping in Toronto. This is a Cartier watch, model Tank Francaise, on a stainless steel bracelet, with a classic square dial marked by Roman numerals and a quartz movement. The purchase cost Megan $ 3,250. The star hostess wears her watches both as a self-sufficient accessory, and in a company with chain bracelets, often unifying the latest charms.

Favorite Decorations Megan Markle

Diamond Cross Bracelet

March 6 this year, Megan Markle baptized: the future wife of Prince Harry is obliged to become a parishioner of the Anglican church before the wedding - such is the requirement of court etiquette. Immediately after this event, Megan had a white gold chain bracelet with a diamond cross pendant on her left hand. Such decoration is a traditional gift on the occasion of the passage of the rite of baptism.

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