Fashionable things that we ignore in vain


Body has a controversial reputation: many take it for an element of underwear. But in fact, this thing is very self-sufficient. In the period of cold weather, for example, it saves the lower back and serves as an additional layer of clothing, in the summer it can play a leading role in the company of jeans, a skirt or shorts. Among other advantages: the body fits quietly into the office wardrobe along with knitted tops and silk blouses. The main thing is to choose minimalistic models in basic shades and without decor or cuts.

Body zara

Zara Body (1 799 rub.)


Designers are very fond of turtlenecks, from season to season releasing them to the court of fashion critics, editors and buyers. True, the latter are skeptical of turtlenecks, no matter how hard the editors of gloss. For many, a turtleneck is a boring and very restrained thing, pressing down the throat. But we guess what the trick is: many still do not know how to wear it. Instead of a simple combination of “turtleneck plus jeans”, try pozataylivoe options.Let the collar peek out from under checkered jackets, deep-neck sweaters or voluminous shirts.

Turtleneck Stradivarius

Turtleneck Stradivarius (1 199 rub.)


You do not know how to diversify your wardrobe? Choose a versatile and comfortable jumpsuit. In addition, summer and the beginning of autumn are a great time to master this not too obvious thing. The coolest jumpsuit looks with shoes on heels, thereby being equated with clothes on the way out. For a casual look, it is not forbidden to wear sneakers, sneakers or slippers with it.

Overalls Uterque

Uterque overalls (13 590 rub.)

Biker jacket

The kosuha is now not in favor of the fashionistas, the pedestal has long been occupied by bombers and trench coats. You should not panic: a leather jacket has many personal advantages. No matter what you want to wear: with ripped jeans or a delicate dress, the result will be reliable and proven. Kosuha has long lost its anarchic connotations inherent in it, but is still able to double out and tighten the image in two accounts. Perhaps the uniqueness of leather jackets was slightly blurred due to the fact that almost all mass market brands offer their versions of artificial leather and they are not always successful, but, on the other hand, a leather jacket is the very thing about which you can safely say: !

Kangoo Mango

Kosuha Mango (4 999 rub. At a discount)


Not all girls crave to experiment with accessories, especially when it comes to brooches. Inventive designers are not discouraged and continue to invent the most incredible options so that there is something to transform the most simple sets of basic things. We are sure: the brooches are good both in the feast and in the world, so wear them on your chest (and not only!) With joy and pleasure.

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