Fashionable haircuts 2015: 5 current trends

Fashionable haircuts 2015: 5 current trendsWomen always strive to look fashionable, the original hairstyle allows you to emphasize your own personality, to make the style more expressive. This is probably the easiest and most effective way to change beyond recognition in a few tens of minutes. What fashionable haircuts in 2015 we offer the world's leading couturier? At the fall-winter fashion shows, haircuts for short hair were represented by five major trends.

Trendy haircuts autumn-winter: androgynous style

Androgynous style is a combination of elements that are inherent in both male and female hairstyles. The name itself has a mythical origin. A beautiful legend tells of the existence in ancient times of unusual creatures - androgins, which could not resist temptation, and as punishment were divided by the gods into two parts: male and female. It is believed that this is how people appeared, and now they are forced to live in a constant search for their “second half”.Fashionable 2015 androgynous haircuts are vividly demonstrated by Mila Jovovich, Agneiss Dane and others. Androgynous fashion haircuts for fall-winter 2014―2015 were shown in the photo by Hugo Boss and Alexander Wang.

Modern trend: men's styleFashionable haircuts 2015: 5 current trends

Male-style hairstyle is one of the most radical types of hairstyle, only bold and resolute ladies prefer this type. In part, this is also an androgynous style, but in a more rigid form, with features that are unique to men. For the first time, this style was talked about in the twentieth century, after the legendary Coco Chanel showed the world a woman's suit, sewn in the masculine manner. Every year the men's style increasingly strengthened its position and gradually won the hearts of not only fashion designers, but also hairdressers. Fashionable haircuts at the shows were presented by Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams.

Trendy haircuts for short hair: trendy "Bob"

Fashionable haircuts 2015: 5 current trends

Hair "Bob" is one of the most beloved women. In the previous season, this type of hairstyle was popular in strict performance, and in this - in the soft. This hairstyle will suit absolutely any woman, she looks quite dynamically and at the same time gently, does not require complicated styling. "Bob" can be with a bang and without, it all depends on personal preferences.Haircuts 2015 were demonstrated by Nina Ricci and Christopher Kain.

Kare is back in fashion

Fashionable haircuts 2015: 5 current trends

For short hair hairstyle "Kare" has always been the most popular, she is adored both in the world of Bohemia and in everyday life. A special feature of this season is asymmetry, and it extends both to the hairstyle itself and to a separate part of it - the bang, the latter can be extended or laid on its side.

Regarding the partitions there are no strict rules:

  • direct - more suitable for office style;
  • The side is a great option for a classic style.

Fashionable haircuts in 2015 are vividly demonstrated by Paris Hilton and Sandra Bullock.

Hairstyle "Cap" is back

This season hairstyle "Little Cap" is again relevant. She periodically returns to fashion, then disappears again. The hairstyle looks very impressive, but requires careful daily styling, which is not always easy to implement in the fast-paced modern world.

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