Fashionable and bright black and white in interest

Black and white are neutral colors, but in a tandem they are perceived quite differently. And if you like this scale, and you are ready for experiments, then proceed to the interior design, armed with useful advice.

Features black and white gamma

Separately, white and black are regarded as neutral. Black is often associated with gloom and darkness, and white can be boring. But if you combine these two colors, you get an amazing contrast tandem that can transform any interior!

And each shade will play a certain role. Black will no longer appear gloomy, it will allow you to create an intimate atmosphere and delimit the space. And white brings freedom and some airiness into the room, will help visually expand the borders.

White and black balance

If you decide to bring black and white into the interior of an apartment or house, you should think through everything to the smallest detail. In particular, a harmonious tonal balance should be achieved.You should not mix them in equal proportions, in this case the room can be perceived as excessively motley and somewhat overloaded. It is desirable to make one color predominant, so that it sets the main background.

But which color to choose? It depends, firstly, on the purpose and characteristics of a particular room, and secondly, on your personal preferences and wishes. So, the predominance of white will allow to visually increase the space, as well as add room airiness and lightness, make it lighter. And black, on the contrary, will muffle excessively bright lighting, bring some mystery into the interior and create an intimate atmosphere. But remember that such a color will visually reduce the area of ​​the room.

Third wheel?

Black and white gamma may seem boring, and it can be diluted with a third shade. And you get the opportunity to choose absolutely any, because the colors used for decoration in terms of combination with others are absolutely universal.

To add accents and make the room more vibrant, fresh and dynamic, use bright colors such as yellow, orange, mint, coral, bright blue, red, fuchsia and others.To create a monochrome gamma, use gray, which will become a sort of softening transition in aggressive contrast. And if you want to make the range more relaxed and delicate, then the ideal solution would be one of pastel or natural shades, for example, peach, light yellow, pistachio, terracotta, beige, light green, sandy, light pink, pale blue.

Tip: do not use a combination of more than three shades, otherwise the black and white scale will simply be lost in such multicolored.

Stylistic design

A harmonious interior is a room decorated in a specific style. And if you stopped on the black and white scale, then the choice is somewhat limited. Although this combination can be considered universal, it does not fit in all directions: in some (such as classic, Provence, eco-style) it looks somewhat aggressive and even violates harmony.

Pay attention to such styles as modern high-tech, in which white can prevail and be complemented by gray, and black will be used for placing accents and marking zones or borders. Black and white gamma will also fit into a laconic, but stylish minimalism.It is worth considering the bright pop art, and in this case, the contrast gamut will play a completely different way, if you add it with creative accessories and bright accents.


Finishing can be original and stylish, which is achieved by playing with textures, combining different and sometimes contrasting materials and other interesting techniques. For example, walls can be covered with decorative plaster, painted with matte paint. Also suitable wallpaper with embossed patterns, silk-screen printing or embossed. Try to combine the two materials, alternating them on the walls or highlighting only one side.

The floor can be decorated using chic white or black parquet or laminate or linoleum: plain or decorated with black and white prints, such as chess cells, animalistic or floristic patterns. An interesting solution will be a modern self-leveling floor. And in some rooms tiled and even stone pavements are appropriate.

It is best to make the ceiling white, since black will seem too gloomy and will crush and cause depression. But so that it does not look boring, you can create a multi-level design that will make the space more voluminous and multi-faceted.


The most important point when choosing furniture is its color.And he must either complement the basic black and white gamut, or shade and dilute it. In the first case, you should choose objects of white or black, and you can both at once, creating a stylish set. To refresh the interior, you can use bright furniture. If you want to smooth out the contrast a bit, consider restrained tones: sand, beige, pistachio and others.


The decor is designed to dilute the main background, it is advantageous to beat it. And for this reason it is worth using either creative and bright, or, on the contrary, restrained and elegant elements. In the first case, choose paintings in the styles of cubism, pop art, surrealism, as well as original figurines. And to create an elegant interior fit photos and classic images in frames, mirrors, vases, flowers.

Black and white gamma in the interior of different rooms

Black and white gamma is universal and therefore can organically fit into the interior of almost any room except the nursery, in which such a bright contrast would be inappropriate.


So, some interesting ideas of using black and white in the interiors of different rooms:

  • In the living room, try to achieve a balance of black and white and make the decoration more interesting with the help ofaccessories. Prints are appropriate in this room: they can be used to designate or single out a separate zone.
  • In the kitchen you can place a chic black set against the backdrop of snow-white walls, complementing the interior with bright accessories. Let the floor and the ceiling be discreet and discreet.
  • In the bedroom, the basis is worth taking a relaxing white, placing on the background of his stunning black furniture. And do not forget about gentle accessories, they will help create the right atmosphere.
  • In the bathroom you can experiment. In such a room, black walls, the floor and even the ceiling are acceptable. And to shade such a gloomy background will allow snow-white plumbing and furniture. But you can do otherwise, adding a light finish with black interior elements.

Let the black and white scale bring charm and originality to the interior!

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