Fashion trends 2014


Denim clothing which year on the rise of fashion, but this year she is really in trend. Denim appeared in the collections of even those designers who were missing. Trendy note was perforation and fabric in the grid, which is perfectly combined with denim clothing. This can be any cut-through pattern or denim jacket, sneakers or bag in 《in the hole》.

Thin knitwear

Be sure to high-quality thin knitwear, which effectively emphasize the feminine silhouette. Reserved knitwear is especially suitable for blouses, light jackets and flying cardigans.


Black matte leather gives brutality and sexuality to the image. Suitable for strong women, women vamp and having character. Whether it is lacquer or matte leather, it gives the style of gothicity and practicality, and perforation will make it comfortable and comfortable to wear, even in summer. Pencil skirt made of soft leather and leather jacket from black thin leather are fashionable attributes of a modern city resident.


The most tender and most fashionable hit of this year.Lace has become a fashionable trend due to its crazy femininity, luxury and sophistication. Lace, depending on the style, presents itself in different ways - from regal inaccessibility to fatal sexuality. This season, lace air can be found not only in clothing, but also in everyday accessories: belts, shoes, bags, earrings, hairpins and scarves.

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