Exercises for all muscle groups

Exercises-for-all-muscle groupsUseful tips and exercises

Gymnastics with a ball and ribbon, relieving fatigue and helping to keep a good shape. Will considera set of exercises for all muscle groups.Girls, exercises can be done at home, there is nothing difficult.


Strengthening the muscles of the hands.

With noticeable tension in the muscles of the arms, sit on a chair, slightly spread your legs apart, bend your whole body forward, palms touching the floor. The head, shoulders and arms are completely relaxed.

We strengthen the muscles of the back.



Sit on the floor in Turkish. Raise your hands up. Brush cross over his head. Keep your back straight. Turn your hands with your palms up, then slowly pull them back. Maintain voltage for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. Unloads his back. Lay your stomach on the ball, keep the torso horizontal.Gluteal muscles strain, simultaneously lift the hand with one and the leg with the other. Do this exercise 10 times, thereby strengthening the muscles of the back.


To strengthen the muscles of the buttocks:

Lie on your stomach on a chair. The tape covers the knee, the foot of the other leg is in the loop.Try to lift and straighten your leg.


For the elasticity of the abdominal muscles:

Lie down on the floor, put your legs on the stool. Clench your knees with a ribbon, lift your head and shoulders slightly. Slowly stretch the tape to the floor.


We trainshoulders.

Go down on your knees and raise your hands above your head. Grab your left elbow with your right hand and pull it back easily. Stay in this position for 10 - 15 seconds, then change hands. Exercise perform at least 4 times. Breathe exactly.


We train the muscles of the legs.

Lie on your back, put your legs on the ball. Raise the pelvis so that the body forms a right angle with the floor. Feet alternately pull up.


Aerobica.Each exercise is performed within three minutes.


JumpingSpring jumping with a change of legs. Jumping on two legs as if jumping through a rope. Running on the spot. Try to touch the heel buttocks. Lift the legs forward. Try to touch the toe with your palm (knees half bent). Now with the other leg. Step on the spot. Try to touch your chest with your knee. In this way, exercise almost all muscle groups.


Exercises with dumbbells (1-2kg.)

Boxing.Sharply turn the torso, as in boxing, with a strong pushing arms with dumbbells forward.


Stretching the tricep muscles.

From the initial position of standing, hands with dumbbells are thrown behind the head so that the dumbbells touch the back. Three series of 10 times.


"Rowing" with a slope.Starting position - legs shoulder-width apart, lean forward. From the initial position, the arms go down, then through the shoulders back (knees half bent).


The load on the muscles of the shoulders.

Starting position - legs shoulder-width apart, lean forward. From the initial position, the dumbbells are raised to shoulder level. Three series of ten times.


“Flight” (for arms, neck, shoulders).

Again the slopes. Starting position standing. From the starting position, the arms go forward (knees half bent). Three series of ten times. Starting position standing. From the initial position we try to touch the left toe with the right hand and vice versa.


By adhering to our correct advice from the otvetkak.ru website, cute girls, you will strengthen all the muscle groups of the body, making it fit and beautiful, plus you will feel much better! You can do the exercises at home, i.e. at home.

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