Everyone out of the shadows: 15 of the most fashionable sunglasses

With the onset of warm days, sunglasses became the main accessory - without them, this season is nowhere! We tell which models you should pay special attention to.

Sunglasses are an important part of the spring-summer image. This accessory can complicate and decorate any set, even the most simple and discreet. Of course, glasses must be selected based on the shape of the face, eyebrows, nose size and forehead width. However, this applies only to classic models. Trendy and spectacular glasses should try on each. Such “pampering” will help refresh the image! So, what forms of rims are most popular in the spring-summer 2018 season? Wday.ru knows the answer!

Narrow.The hypertrophic narrow and miniature glasses that Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner so adore are the main trendsetters of our time. We agree, narrow sunglasses look very strange and unusual, but they are incredibly fashionable! Wear them with denim, sporty-style kits and 90s-inspired looks.By the way, despite the originality of the form, such models go for almost everyone. As for color, you can choose an all-black version or copies with colored glass - it all depends on your courage and willingness to experiment.

Round.This category is divided into two subspecies: large round glasses in the style of the 70s or modest small models in a thin metal frame in the style of the 90s. The first look great with flowered dresses, denim of any variety and feminine sets. The latter are ideal for creating a relaxed, slightly rebellious, image.

Cat's eye.Half-face glasses with a cat-eye frame will help create a luxurious and very feminine retro look. Such a model can be worn with almost anything: from a business suit to a frivolous white lace dress.

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