Energy vampire - how to protect yourself?

Have you ever come across such people, after talking with whom the energy seems to go somewhere? Such unique people are called energy vampires. And how to recognize them? And how to protect yourself from the negative impact?

Who are they and what are they?

What is energy vampirism? This desire to get the energy of others and use it for their own purposes. Energy vampire - a person who eats the energy of other people, literally sucks it. The most important thing for him is the reaction of the interlocutor, it is her who are looking forward to it, it is she who gives them strength.

Very unpleasant people

In general, all people belonging to this category are divided into several varieties:

  • Complaining. Such a person constantly complains about how badly he lives, how everyone does not like him and underestimate him. With these people, literally something is always going on bad, all the trouble falls on them.
  • Guardian. And this person will try in every way to take care of the interlocutor, to take care of him.But such care will be expressed only in constant attempts to give advice (even if they are not needed at all). According to such people, the interlocutor has everything in life must be bad or something must happen.
  • The aggressors will always in any place try to create an atmosphere in which everything will be bad, everyone will clash. And it is precisely these very conflict situations that give food to the aggressors. They themselves are arrogant, boorish and rude.
  • Manipulators will make every effort to provoke a quarrel between others. They can gossip, lie, slander others and do everything to literally "push their foreheads" colleagues or friends.

You can also select intentional and unintentional vampires. The first deliberately bring others to the emotions and feed them. The latter do not realize their belonging to this group and involuntarily constantly try to provoke pity or provoke the interlocutor to a conflict.

How to recognize?

How does energy vamprism manifest itself? Sometimes it is difficult to recognize it, as some vampires are disguised and do it very skillfully.

Build barriers

Here are some possible signs of people in this category:

  • Many such people can be called sociable. They are easily acquainted, easy to find contact.
  • During communication, the vampire will certainly lay out almost everything about himself. And from such a story you will conclude that before you the most unhappy person. But this impression is deceptive! If the interlocutor talks about the troubles too dramatically and emotionally and constantly focuses attention on the bitter fate and heavy share, then he is probably waiting for a reaction.
  • Aggressors are rude, and they are rude for any reason. Have you ever seen drivers swearing at fellow travelers who did not give way? Bright representatives of this type of people. They deliberately provoke a rude response, waiting for her.
  • Guardians will be constantly interested in your affairs, but the most common questions are "Did something happen?", "What happened?". If you begin to talk about some joyful event, then interest in you will be lost.
  • The vampire will continue the conversation until he receives the desired response from you. So if you do not start to feel sorry for the poor fellow, and he talks about how hard it is for him to live, then be more careful.
  • At the end of the conversation, the vampire can even thank you for your pity and say something like “I spoke, and feel better! Thank you".But this is only a revelation, a statement of facts, and not sincere gratitude.
  • After intercourse, you feel wild tiredness, although you did not work.
  • Often, people in this category love television series or programs that discuss problems or quarrels.
  • Vampires love crowds.
  • They love talking on the phone.

How to avoid becoming a victim?

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire? How not to become his victim? Some useful tips for you:

  1. If you doubt yourself and think that you will not be able to withstand the onslaught, then it is better to nip everything in the bud. For example, as soon as you notice the first signs, tell me what you feel bad or just time to leave. The vampire will no longer wish to communicate with you, although he will be able to make another attempt. But the third will not be sure, communication with you will stop.
  2. If a vampire works with you at work, then try not to react to his attacks. For example, if he starts complaining, just say: “I and myself have problems above the roof. Say something good! ” The vampire will instantly switch to another more trusting victim.
  3. If you are trying to bring out a conflict, do not react to it. Do not respond to rudeness with the same.Be calm and polite. The vampire is waiting for a reaction. And if he does not receive it, then he will definitely be left behind.
  4. And what if the vampire lives in the family? In this case, it is difficult to permanently suppress attempts at aggression or, for example, not to listen to complaints. In such a situation, it makes sense to try to understand the essence of vampirism, to find out its cause. Probably a person is notorious. And maybe something is disturbing him, something is not going the way we would like. Try to just talk heart to heart and support, while remaining calm.
  5. Learn to control your emotions. For example, you can learn some relaxation technique. You can just breathe deeply. And you can imagine yourself on the shore of the sea. Better yet, do the following: Imagine the interlocutor in some ridiculous situation, for example, naked or with a pan on his head. It will make you laugh and calm down at the same time. There is also such a technique: seven times gently bite the tip of your tongue. Surprisingly, it helps!
  6. Try to build a wall between yourself and the interlocutor. This method of energy protection works well, especially if you have a violent imagination.
  7. If you are forced to communicate with a vampire, then do it as detached and official as possible. Try not to be alone with such a person and not to communicate with him in the morning or in the evening (these are the most convenient hours to drain energy).
  8. Watch your health and emotional state. Exercise, strengthen immunity, walk more, go for walks with friends, have fun. More positive! Enjoy your life. If you radiate optimism, the vampire will not touch you.
  9. If the vampire is your close friend, then try to tell us directly about your guesses. If a person understands his mistakes or realizes them (if the actions were unconscious), then clearly define the line of communication: ask not to complain about life, to discuss only joyful events and to talk about positive topics.
  10. If the vampire is your spouse, then create for him the most comfortable living conditions. Surround him with care, always be joyful, smile more. Husband will understand that you have nothing to take and will switch attention to another victim. And if you manage to understand the cause of vampirism and eliminate it, then the person will be able to change.
  11. You can use the old technique. Try to cross your legs or arms. This helps some (probably, the effect of auto-suggestion works).
  12. Learn to refuse on time. Do not do what you do not want to do. Do not communicate with someone who is unpleasant to you.

And if I am a vampire?

Do not relax

What if you are a vampire? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Try to find out the reasons for your vampirism. Analyze your life, complexes. What are you dissatisfied with?
  2. Change life, set goals and achieve them, improve.
  3. Find some interesting activity, a hobby.
  4. Send strength to a useful activity. Find an interesting job, go in for sports.
  5. We are what we eat. So eat right.
  6. Learn to control yourself and your emotions.
  7. Stop complaining.
  8. Love yourself and your life!
  9. Do not sit still, change the situation.

We wish you never to face energy vampires or to fight back!

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