Effective stress relief exercises

Stress is not only unpleasant, but also harmful, because the cause of many diseases is precisely the disruption of the nervous system. And to avoid serious consequences, you need to learn in time and effectively relieve stress. Special exercises will help in this.

The benefits of exercise

Movement is not only life, but also the path to health. Specially designed physiotherapy can help alleviate the condition in a variety of diseases and even cure them.

Why do exercises in stressful situations or under high tension? The fact is that stress is a big burden on the body. It causes a strong spasm of blood vessels, due to which the nutrition of the brain and other important organs is disturbed.

Exercises allow, firstly, to eliminate the spasm and normalize the blood supply of all tissues, and secondly, distract from the experience and help to relax and forget.

Thirdly, with physical exertion, much more oxygen enters the body, and in itself it is an excellent sedative.In addition, some techniques are aimed at changing the work of the brain, that is, in fact, change thoughts.

How to remove stress?

We offer simple exercises to relieve stress:

  1. Slow breathing. Take four breaths, then hold your breath for four counts. Now, for four accounts, exhale and hold your breath again, also for four accounts. Breathe in this way for 5 minutes, after which you will imperceptibly relax.
  2. Breath of the stomach. Breathe deeply, but not with your chest, but with your stomach. With each breath, it should be filled, rounded. To control this, place your palms on the navel area and hold them there. Do the exercise for 5 minutes.
  3. "Ice cream". Stand up straight, arms up. Stretch and strain to feel it all over. In this state, linger for a few minutes to get used to the tension and even get tired of it. Imagine that you are frozen, like ice cream. Now imagine that the sun appeared above you, and its rays began to warm you. Start slowly "melting" under invisible rays. First relax the hands, then the forearms, then the shoulders, then the neck, then the body, and then the legs.Relax completely. You will see: there will be no trace of voltage.
  4. "Visualization". To relax, you need to go on vacation. If this is not possible, then at least fantasize. Imagine that you are on the seashore. You sit on the white sand, the sun warms you, and your feet are washed by clear water. Before you, only the blue clear surface, all the problems remained there, beyond the horizon. A gentle wind blows your face, warm splashes tickle you. Stay in this state for at least five minutes.
  5. If you cannot solve any problem in any way, then the Strategy exercise will help you. Concentrate on the problem and think through a sequence of actions that will help eliminate all troubles. Stop on each action, think over it and remember the sensations that arise after each step on the way to solving the problem. Forget about irritants, they will not disturb you. Remember the plan and believe in yourself. You will succeed!
  6. Exercise "Seven Candles". It also applies to respiratory gymnastics, but includes elements of visualization. Imagine that there are seven candles in front of you, and you need to blow them out.Take a deep breath, take in full lungs of oxygen and blow out one candle. Imagine how the flame goes out. In turn, blow out all seven candles. Immerse yourself in darkness and emptiness, drive away all thoughts.
  7. Take a piece of paper and depict a situation that worries you a lot and makes you tense up and nervous. On the back of the sheet, write all the negative emotions that the situation causes. Pour out all that has accumulated. Now just tear the sheet or burn it.
  8. "Globalization". Introduce yourself and your problem. Now imagine yourself inside a large house, the house is inside the street, the street is inside the area, the area is inside the city, the city is inside the country — the country is on the mainland, the mainland is on planet Earth, the Earth is in the galaxy, and the galaxy is in the universe. Your troubles after such thoughts will seem so insignificant that you stop worrying.
  9. "Swing". Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and clasp them with your hands, rounding your back and lifting your head or bringing it closer to your chest. Now swing back and forth first, and then from one side to the other. Swing like a minute or two. Soon you will notice that all bad thoughts are gone.
  10. "We are drawn to the stars." Stand straight, legs apart, shoulder-width apart. Take a deep breath and raise your hands up, stretch, as if you want to get a star from the sky. Hold this position. Then exhale and lower your arms, relax them and shake.
  11. "Lemon". Sit on the sofa or on the floor, take the lotus position. Close your eyes and imagine that there is a lemon in your right hand. Make a fist, as if squeezing juice out of fruit. Squeeze it with all your strength until they run out, and an imaginary juice does not flow out. Now imagine that a lemon is in the other hand. Also squeeze the juice out of it so that everything will flow out, to the last drop.

Learn to relieve tension to keep calm in any situation.

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