Effective pasteurization

Effective pasteurizationEspecially effectively pasteurized in such devices products having a liquid or puree-like consistency. These products (juices, mashed potatoes, pasta) can be subjected to a high degree of exhauster by heat treatment in the stream before packing into the container and dispensed at the temperature of subsequent pasteurization, at which the elasticity of water vapor approaches the atmosphere pressure. In this case, even in glass containers, there will be no excess pressure, which is clear when considering calculation formula (14). In this case, the first factor of the formula approaches zero, the second and third are equal to one, and in general there will be no overpressure in the container over the atmosphere.


Of the continuous pasteurizers installed at canneries, it should be noted the domestic A2-KPO apparatus manufactured according to the developments of UkIIprodmash in cooperation with UkIIKP. The banks that arrived on the continuously moving tape of this tunnel pasteurizer are first blown with hot air, then with outside cold air, and finally cooled with tap water.


In addition, canneries in the canning industry receive importers of continuous pasteurizers from Yugoslavia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Depending on the company producing the pasteurizer designs are somewhat different from each other due to the use of various heat carriers and transporting organs.


Thus, the Yugoslav firm Unity supplies steam-heated pasteurizers with one or more cooling steps, which are intended for the heat treatment of products in tin or glass containers. They are used in the production of tomato paste, mashed fruits, fruit juices.


Hungarian machine builders make modular pasteurizers of the PF series of both irrigation and submersible (in water) types. The transporting body in these pasteurizers is a stainless steel mesh of a special design. Pasteurizers of the PF-03 series belong to the submersible type, and the PF-10-16 series - to irrigation.


Modular pasteurizers of the PF series are convenient in that the pasteurization and cooling sections are divided into modules 4 and 3 m long. Depending on the needs of the customer, the length of each zone can be increased or decreased.


The Bulgarian machine-building plant in Zheleznik is supplying pasteurizers of the irrigation type. Transportation of canned food in the chamber of the pasteurizer is carried out with the help of special combs that perform reciprocating motion, rearranging the banks and moving them from the entrance to the exit.


As mentioned above, at present a new principle and method of thermal sterilization of food products exists and is being used in the canning industry of our country, called aseptic canning. According to this principle, a food product that is sterile prepared by high-temperature processing in a stream, after cooling, is packaged under sterile (aseptic) conditions into a sterile container and stored in this form under conditions precluding the entry of microorganisms there. The installation consists of a juice collector, a plate pasteurizer with sections of the tray, pasteurization and cooling, a plate bactericidal filter for air sterilization, an air compressor with a receiver. Compressed air, sterilized on a plate filter, is fed into the tanks before filling with juice and serves to cool the tank, sterilized with direct steam and prevent non-sterile air from leaking into it.


An air filter, charged with an asbestos-insulating target lulosis plate, is also pre-sterilized with steam coming out of the tank. Air from the receiver under a pressure of about 0.15 MPa is fed to a sterilizing filter, and from there to the tank, to which the steam has been stopped by this time. The pressure in the tank is maintained at a level of 0.04-0.05 MPa to avoid the formation of a vacuum in the tank. After cooling the tank to the storage temperature, the air supply is stopped and so it is left under pressure with sterile air until it is full.

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