Pleated dress: what to wear and how to choose?

In the wardrobe of every real woman there will definitely be several dresses. And if you follow the fashion, then, for sure, they have already managed to purchase a pleated dress. Not yet? Then we will be happy to tell you more about this thing and give you some tips on choosing.

Airiness and elegance

For the first time such kind of processing of a fabric at which folds with a width of 5 mm to 5 cm are made on it appeared in the 17th century. His name "pleated" he received from the French word "pli" - a fold. The triumphant return of this fashion trend occurred in 2016 thanks to the designers of the fashion house Gucci.

Today on the catwalks you can often see things decorated with pleats - skirts, trousers, overalls and even jackets. But dresses deserve special attention.

They look incredibly feminine and are able to cope with several important functions at once: make the silhouette more slender, visually lengthen the legs and give your mistress a touch of special charm.

Wearing such things can not only the owners of ideal figures. The main thing is to find your model. Here are some tips to choose from:

  • corrugated hem adds a bit of volume to thin hips;
  • a dress of any length with a high or low waistline will help to hide a small tummy;
  • a thing with sleeves made in this treatment will help to hide the fullness of the hands;
  • Pleated bodice will visually add volume to a small chest.

The most popular materials at the same time - silk, satin, cotton (they will make the perfect summer outfits), brocade, crepe and even loose hair.

As for color, everything is as democratic as possible. It can be calm pastel shades, strict black, gray or brown, as well as all sorts of bright and even neon tones. The latter make such things suitable even for teenagers.

Designers on this account have remained unanimous - a dress pliz in gentle nude shades will make an image romantic, easy and zephyr. And in the dark - bold and sexy.

We select a set

And here is the desired thing in your closet. But what is it to wear? Let's figure it out.

Long pleated dress is a great option for special occasions and romantic dates. You can wear it with shoes on the heel, and at low speed. Undoubted plus to convenience and comfort.

Choose classic pumps, neat shoes or wedge sandals, ballet flats, loafers. Particularly elegant shoes with a pointed toe.

Midi and mini options are suitable for walking and working. Choose a cold blue or pink-pearl, and get an incredibly feminine bow. Add a fashionable image can be a small brooch and a narrow strap. At the same time, cleaned and smoothly combed hair will look as attractive as possible.

Pleated wardrobe details go well with jackets and short leather jackets. They will also look good with a bulky outerwear - a short fur coat, a fur vest, a knitted cardigan.

Accessories in this case should be restrained, so as not to distract attention from the main "chip". These can be thin chains, jewelery with small stones, bracelets and hair bands.

The bag, depending on the bow, can be small (clutch), a “postman” over the shoulder or a straw bag on the arm.

Pleated dress is an indispensable thing for women who love romance and lightness in the image. Properly selected style - the guarantee of an ideal appearance and self-confidence. Be beautiful!

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