Dream interpretation: to see a crow in a dream

Dreams of crows warn us of danger. This image marks misfortune, disease. Obviously, the dreamer is waiting for the black life strip, in which there is a place for financial problems, unfair treatment, perfidious behavior of people close to the heart. The crow calls trouble. It is necessary to trust strangers less, not to get involved in money adventures, not to quarrel with a loved one.

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What dreams of a crow, dream book
What dreams of a crow, dream book

One crow

According to the dream book, the crow marks a sad accident, loss, disappointment, theft, betrayal.

The croaking bird is bad news.

For young guys - tricks, intrigues from the representatives of the weaker sex. You will fall for the tricks of treacherous women.

Raven - a lie, slander.

A very old raven - drastic changes in fate. For a young girl - a long separation from her beloved.

Dream interpretation says: black crow dropped something - to profit, you will find a purse, money.

Catch - avoid trouble.

Hold in hands - meeting with a person who is not worth the attention, a waste of time.

Kill - victory over an opponent, enemies.

There is meat - to be enchanted, bewitched.

Pluck is a love date.

Make friends - catch the thief in the act.

Dead bird - such a dream is not a harbinger of unhappiness. A person who sees him need not fear anything.

Black crow in a dream - a woman with a bad eye, damage, ill will.

Many dream books associate a crow with a woman. Perhaps you live with your mother and she does not allow you to show your individuality. The dream encourages you to escape from submission, to become more independent, to gain independence. It's time to start your own life by its own rules.

A flock of crows

Crow in a dream is an unkind sign. And what if she was not alone in her dream? A flock of flying black birds often also do not bode well.

Lots of circling crows - to death, burial, suffering, mourning.

Birds croaking at the top of their voices - offense, bitterness, enmity. You succumb to negative influence, it is unreasonable to dispose of money, property.

Crows fight sparrows - mass celebrations, drunk company.

A large flock hid the land, the field - a bad year, high prices, a rise in price.

If you dreamed how a flock of crows sat on the branches of a tree, it means that soon your whole family will gather in one place.

Do not behave unethically, try to correct the mistakes made. Always tell the truth. Be prepared for the changes that will happen to you soon.

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