Doodle Burdock Shampoo

Nature has created everything that a person needs for health and beauty. Previously, women knew how useful each plant was and successfully applied its abilities. Today the store shelves are just overflowing with cosmetics. This makes it possible to choose the most appropriate tool at the best price, but still, as statistics show, more and more often women start to turn for help to popular recipes. One of them is burdock shampoo.
Do-it-yourself shampoo

The undeniable benefits of shampoo

It’s not a problem to buy ready-made shampoo even with the presence of natural ingredients. But it is unlikely that the bottle with the inscription “Burdock Shampoo” really contains extracts from this plant, and if there are, then in the minimum amount. Make the same tool with their own hands is not difficult, and most importantly, that it will not only give the purity of hair,but also:
  • provide the necessary nutrition to the scalp;
  • moisturize and strengthen each hair;
  • effectively eliminate dandruff;
  • relieve irritation;
  • give silkiness and healthy shine;
  • recover after cosmetic procedures (chemical waving, dyeing, etc.) .).
It is worth noting that ready-made shampoo does not have any contraindications. Caution should be exercised unless with individual intolerance to the components of the drug, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Recipe for burdock shampoo

Early in the morning (preferably at dawn, when nature is just waking up) to collect burdock leaves .
Do it yourself burdock shampoo
This should be done away from roads and industrial centers. Rinse under running water.
Do-it-yourself shampoo
Finely chopped.
Do it yourself burdock shampoo
Pay attention! This should be done exclusively by hand, modern appliances such as a food processor for grinding are not suitable. Fill with water. It is better to use a clean spring.It is enough that it slightly covers the leaves of burdock.
Do-it-yourself shampoo
Boil over low heat for 8-10 minutes, cover and let cool. After straining through cheesecloth or fine strainer, mix in equal proportions with shampoo. Do it yourself burdock shampoo
To use for this purpose you need the most natural product, without additives. Ideal designed for newborns. Burdock Shampoo is ready. Let your hair always be healthy and beautiful. Burdock shampoo with your own hands

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