Do-it-yourself dresser restoration

In recent years, the fashion for antiquities has gone, of course, not all of them have been preserved in excellent form, and it is quite possible that you have a chest of drawers at home that needs to be restored. Having performed simple actions, you simply can not imagine what you can do with your own hands. If your dresser is in good condition, it will be enough to simply repaint it, but for a start, removing scratches, cracks and similar defects with a primer. And of course the first problem you will encounter is the difficulty of disassembly.

Let's go through the restoration process in order: The first thing we need to do is remove the old coatings of varnish and paint. In this we will use ordinary acetone and industrial film. We cover all the details of the dresser with acetone and in order to enhance its effect, we limit the ingress of air by enveloping the film. Leave the details for an hour in peace. At the end of this hour we unfold the film and see that the varnish and paint are behind the tree. Now we take the usual construction spatula and remove it all from the tree. The second is that we have to make this skin.We take a grinding machine, sandpaper and forward to work, make sure that you can get sandpaper in all the grooves. This action will help us level the level of the tree, get rid of minor scratches, and remove the layer of wood that has been soaked with old paint. Third, we buy putty on wood, and putty chips, deep scratches and the remaining defects. Fourth, here we begin to look for defects in the interior of the chest. We unscrew and throw out all the broken guides, shelves, and bottoms from the drawers, measure them and buy new ones, which we fasten to the right places. It is also desirable to strengthen the legs with wooden bars, just screwing them from behind. And the last, fifth stage is painting. We coat our dresser with paint or stain, give it to dry, primer it with transparent soil, clean the remaining irregularities with sandpaper, coat it with varnish and that's it. You give time to dry the varnish, collect all the details, and you have restored the chest with your own hands. So, for the restoration you will need: the dresser itself, acetone, a roll of film, a spatula, brushes for processing small parts, a grinding machine, sandpaper. Also, additional costs for the replacement of some elements, varnish, paint, stain, putty.And, of course, the most important time, perseverance and diligence. That's all, show creativity, now you can make a chest of drawers for any interior and room from an old dresser. Good luck with this simple but painstaking undertaking.

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