Do I need to flush the engine?

January 26, 2015
Do I need to flush the engine?

Every motor needs periodic oil change. Consider whether the engine should be flushed during this operation. Flushing is the replacement of used oil with a special compound and starting the motor at idle. At the end of the procedure, the residues of the cleaner merge, a new filter is installed and fresh oil is used.

The engine must be flushed if:

  • The brand of previously filled oil is unknown.
  • It is planned to replace the viscosity, for example, the transition from synthetic to semi-synthetic.
  • There is no information about the mileage of the car after the oil change.
  • The transition to the engine oil of another brand. Due to differences in manufacturing technology, different products should not be mixed.
  • On the internal parts of the engine there are deposits that indicate the use of low-quality oil, its untimely replacement or the presence of foreign substances: lubricating compounds, antifreeze or fuel.
  • It was a major overhaul of the engine, including the removal of the cylinder head.

No need for flushing

The need for washing is absent if:

  • Only modern high quality oils are used. They contain the necessary additives that remove harmful substances generated during numerous trips. The use of the latest lubricants produced by well-known companies ensures excellent engine performance and saves the car owner from unnecessary costs.
  • The oil is changed quite often, so that it does not oxidize during operation.

A sparing option of washing will be the choice of an inexpensive washing composition, after pouring it, you need to drive half the distance set by the regulations. After this procedure, the engine oil changes. A softer cleaning protects the engine from unnecessary overloads and at the same time removes unwanted substances from it. After a few such procedures, you can be sure of high-quality flushing of the motor.

The issue of flushing the engine is very important, because a lot depends on the health of this part.Every car owner should take care of the timely elimination of pollutants.

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