DIY Rugs


Retro gamer mat

Retro gamer mat

Rug for fans of old computer games. To make a rug with a picture of an old computer game made up of squares-pixels, you need only a little patience. From ordinary single-colored square rugs you can make your own
Bath mat

Bathroom mat

According to the recommendations of psychologists, from time to time it is necessary to change something in your life. You can start with a simple, for example - with the renovation of the interior of a particular room. Let's try to transform the appearance of the bathroom, replacing
Knitted heart mat

Knitted heart rug

Knitted rugs occupy their popularity among needlewomen, as this is a very interesting activity, and the result is pleasing to the eye. These rugs can be knitted as a gift for a friend, or simply to decorate your interior. This mat fits
Fluffy rug
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Fluffy rug

Carpet - an indispensable thing in everyday life. It is he who creates the comfort of the apartment and keeps warm. Despite the fact that more and more people put parquet and linoleum on the floor, floor mats are also popular and in demand. They are mostly in the bathroom
Pom-mat rug

Pompom mat

Everyone wants to have in his house, beautiful, cozy and practical things, and if they are, and made by your hands, then it's just magical. Add in your space such a nice little thing, like a rug made of pompons. They are very soft, warm and cozy, but
The New Life of Old Jeans

New life of old jeans

Almost every girl jeans are the most practical and favorite thing. They are suitable for walking, for traveling, for noisy parties. Therefore, to part with old jeans is very difficult. Do not throw worn jeans in the garbage
Bright rug from old towels
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Bright old towel mat

The idea of ​​a rug or rug, made by own strength and hands, is very interesting and popular. If on the street the weather does not spoil us with the bright sun, warmth and rainbow, then creating a soft, bright and very positive rug is the solution to all questions. For
We knit a rug from old things
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We knit a rug from old things

Usually, old things are given to other people, turned into floorcloths or thrown into the garbage. But you can turn torn things into mats in the hallway, toilet, bathroom or tie a bedding for the chair, the main thing is to choose a pattern and fabric.

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