DIY plastic bottle giraffe - photo how to make

DIY plastic bottle giraffe

DIY plastic bottle giraffe

Today we continue to add animals to our collection of “safari travelers” for decorating the garden and giving. In the previous master class we learned how to make out of plastic bottles of an elephant.


In turn one more bright inhabitant of savanna known to all children - the yellow giraffe with charming specks on a trunk, a long neck and amusing horns on a head. Our detailed photo-instruction will help you in its creation.


All work will take a maximum evening. Any child of school age can cope with the manufacture of a giraffe, so you can consider our master class as another way to use your free time for family leisure with benefit.


We remind you that work involving the use of a finishing knife should be done only by adults in order to avoid childhood injuries.


Necessary materials for the manufacture of products from plastic bottles:

  • Transparent plastic bottles of drinking / soda water volume of 0.5 liters (4 pieces) and 1 liter (one piece);
  • Bottle caps (6 pieces);
  • Finishing knife;
  • Scissors;
  • Adhesive tape / tape;
  • Hot Melt Hot Melt;
  • White rice (raw);
  • White PVA glue and water;
  • Tissue paper of different colors;
  • Paint brush;
  • Wax paper;
  • Penobumaga of different colors;
  • A pair of plastic eyes with movable pupils for crafts;
  • Drawing pin;
  • Wire brush;
  • Pompons


How to make a giraffe from plastic bottles - instructions with photos


1. Form the body and legs. Using a finishing knife and scissors, cut two 0.5-liter bottles (closed with lids) in half. Take the lower two halves of the bottle, then shorten one of them to a height of 7.5-8 cm, and cut the second bottle along the edges. Put the longer bottle on the shorter one and tape it together to form the body. Round the edges of the two upper parts of the bottles with scissors, as shown in the photo. Pour 1/3 cup of rice into each of them. Attach the legs to the body with scotch tape.


2. Add a head with a neck.To make a giraffe's long neck, cut the base of a third 0.5-liter bottle to a height of 14-15cm, round off its edges with scissors and attach it to the body, as shown in the photo. To make a head, cut the top of the fourth bottle to a height of 12-12.5cm.


Using a finishing knife, cut the neck of the bottle, then cut a small part of the opposite edge of the bottle, as shown in the photo, and attach the head to the neck with tape. Form a ball out of tissue paper and insert it into the neck of the bottle so that the giraffe has a rounded nose. Wrap the head with adhesive tape in the joints, without leaving any gap.


DIY plastic bottle giraffe


3. Make the skin of a giraffe. Just as we did an elephant's skin, take two tablespoons of PVA glue and water and displace them. Cover the countertops to protect them from splashes of glue. Slice the yellow tissue paper into 5-centimeter pieces and glue them to the body of the giraffe with a solution.


Stick these pieces, laying the edges overlapping, a quantity of tissue paper, which will be enough to cover the entire animal.Cut out “tissue spots” of tissue paper of different color (or the same shape as in the photo) and glue them on top of the giraffe's skin. Put the animal on wax paper to dry.


4. Add details. Cut out the brown hoof and nostrils of the giraffe from foam paper. Make yellow ears out of yellow foam paper (with a center of brown tissue paper). Cut a piece of suede fabric in the shape of a fringe to create a mane and prepare a pair of eyes with a moving center. Glue all the parts with a hot glue gun.


Use the thumbtack to make two small holes in the giraffe's head for the horns, and then insert two small wire brushes with pom-poms stuck on the ends. In the same way, attach the tail of a giraffe with a felt fringe on the end, and then fix the horns and tail, adding to the attachment points by a drop of hot glue.


DIY plastic bottle giraffe


So, your safari park has been replenished with one more savannah inhabitant - a funny spotted giraffe!

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