DIY Parsley Costume

New Year is a celebration of miracles and magic. Especially acutely feel it kids. Therefore, they choose dresses for the holiday carefully and with great pleasure.

DIY Parsley Costume

The main character at almost all New Year's commemorations is Parsley - a cheerful joker in a colorful suit, cap and multi-colored pants. If you want to please your child and make your New Year Parsley costume for a boy with your own hands, we will be happy to help you with this. You will need some patience and basic sewing skills. Make such an outfit will be able to even novice skilled workers.

New Year's children's costume of Parsley with their own hands - pattern and instruction

How to sew a cap for a suit of parsley

New Year's children's costume of Parsley do it yourself - cap pattern

For the parsley cap you will need a satin fabric of two colors, the same color of the thread, patterns. You can make patterns for the cap on this pattern. Here are two options for hats, you can choose any one of your choice. To begin, measure the girth and height of the child’s head, cut them into fabric according to them.

New Year's children's costume of Parsley do it yourself - cap pattern

Do not forget about seam allowances.Sew the parts. Be sure to do a preliminary fitting and only then stitch on a typewriter. The edges of the cap can be decorated with colored pompoms. To do this, cut two identical circles of fabric and the edges carefully sew, take cotton, place it in the middle and tighten the edges. Sew the pompoms to the corners of the hat. They can be made in the color of a suit or in other bright colors. If you do not like pompons, you can replace them with bells or bells. All this can be bought in haberdashery or specialty stores. A more detailed description of how to make a parsley cap with your own hands can be found on this video:

Do-it-yourself Parsley pattern

New Year's children's costume of Parsley do it yourself - costume pattern

For Petrushka shirt you can use satin or silk material of red or other bright color (very impressive looks peas). Pants can be made of satin, chintz, silk or satin. Parsley carnival costume can be sewn as a jumpsuit, and you can sew separately pants and a shirt. Decide what will be easier for you to do. The costume is performed in two colors, but include fantasy and experiment, try to use different color solutions for each part of the costume. Prepare patterns for the pattern, and then proceed to cutting.Attach the patterns to the fabric. Secure them with pins and circle with chalk (instead of chalk, you can use any white toilet soap). In the illustration, the sleeves and the bottom of the pants are tightened with an elastic band, you can also use multi-colored lace or satin ribbons. If you do not like this option, make the sleeves and panties smooth, but then it will be appropriate to sheathe them with bright braid or sparkles to stand out against the general background. Do not forget that Parsley is a very funny and naughty character, so pay special attention to the details of the carnival costume. For decoration you can use many glitters, ribbons, bells and bells.


New Year's children's costume of Parsley do it yourself - shoe pattern

In order to complement the costume Petrushka, from the remnants of the fabric you can make even such wonderful shoes. They can be made more and put on over shoes, or you can make an insole out of cardboard and just put on a foot. Decorate the sock of the shoe with a pompon or bell.

New Year's makeup

The last highlight in the completion of the image of the little naughty and jolly Parsley will be bright makeup. Outline the lips with red lipstick, with the help of blush or the same lipstick draw a blush, draw eyebrows with a pencil.You can also draw freckles.

Using these recommendations, you will definitely get a bright and interesting costume of Parsley. And your baby will be the most beautiful and elegant at the children's matinee.

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