Ah, this is the delicious word "dessert"! Every self-respecting mistress is simply obliged to at least once in her life to cook one of its varieties. There is nothing difficult in this beauty, especially since we can have recipes for desserts with photos. The word "dessert" translated from French means "to clear the table." The tradition of ending the feast with dessert in Europe was fixed only in the 19th century, when the active growth of sugar production began. Before that, only rich people could afford sweets; commoners indulged themselves with goodies only on holidays. By the way, desserts also existed in Russia. Until the mid-17th century, they were called "snacks." These included sugar, honey, fresh or dried fruit, jams, nuts and jelly. Today, dessert is everything that is served at the very end of the feast. It can be various fruits and berries, cheeses, ice cream with nuts and chocolate, pies, oriental sweets. There are desserts whose recipes require long cooking. This example, cakes, baklava, sherbet and tiramisu. It takes a lot of time and a lot of ingredients to serve any of these dishes.For example, for the preparation of real tiramisu, which, by the way, from Italian (Italy is the birthplace of tiramisu) is translated as “pull me up”, you need mascarpone cream cheese. This delicate cheese, of course, you can cook yourself, but it is better to save time and buy it in the supermarket. Russia has its own delicious recipes for desserts, including Italian tiramisu. Instead of expensive mascarpone, you can add yolks, sour cream and whipped whites. Be sure: the domestic tiramisu will turn out the same air! Baklava, whose history, by the way, began in the 8th century BC in Turkey, is prepared from puff pastry, honey and nuts. Therefore, this dish is by no means cheap in terms of cost, and, what to hide, is quite high in calories and with frequent use of the fair sex threatens with overweight. In Russian cuisine there are simple recipes of desserts in a hurry. They can be prepared from products that are always in the fridge. Even the most ordinary cottage cheese, whipped with any jam and decorated with pieces of fruit (you can use a banana, apple or tangerine), will adequately complete any meal.Note that it is tasty, inexpensive, and most importantly good for health. Such a dessert will be appreciated by all guests, including those who follow a diet. Banana puree with nuts, rolls with fruit, honey biscuit can also be attributed to easy recipes for desserts. Perhaps the fastest you can make a dessert of ice cream. You can add any ingredients to it, be it fruit, nuts or chocolate and dessert is ready. By the way, according to historians, the first ice cream on earth appeared in Mesopotamia, and this happened 4,000 years ago. Already in those days, the ancient people thought of how to store ice in a hot country. The prototype of ice cream in Russia is considered to be milk planer. The essence of its preparation was incredibly simple - the milk was frozen and then sliced. These same chips served with hot pancakes. The most common recipe for homemade dessert - from ice cream. Balls of ice cream or chocolate ice cream are decorated with nuts, fruit pieces and decorative chips. In general, the preparation of desserts is a creative matter.

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