Dessert does not require baking. Just filled and ready!

  • Anonymous

    And how can the mixture be covered with paper? Do you read your own articles at all?

    • Well, the man was mistaken, you can after all softly correct, but not aggressively.

    • Anonymous

      “Prepare a container for our dessert and cover it with cooking paper” - in my opinion, it is written in the author's recipe ...

    • Chitaytn
      Read carefully, and re-read the alleged problem areas in order not to look silly yourself ...

    • Anonymous

      Read carefully. Everything is written there correctly. “Prepare a container for our dessert and cover it with (paper) paper”

  • Anonymous

    You can change the oil on mascarpone, then the cream will be more gentle and airy!

  • Anonymous

    ANONIM. Do not mix the dessert container with paper!

  • Anonymous
  • Natalia

    well done

  • sweetheart

    first anonymous blonde? and you read your questions wa-ah?

  • Anonymous

    "... until the cookies run out."? What kind of cookies? And if it is not enough?

  • Anonymous

    Drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables, each piece of such nastiness takes your life ((

  • Anonymous

    not outlived in the land of the Russian upstart, who are looking for mistakes and flaws and themselves do not represent anything from themselves))

  • Clara

    Comrades, you need to stir the cream, too, but the protein will roll up !!!

  • Evgenia

    urgchno need advice from the author. I'm at the moment when cooked cream. and everything became flakes with me.

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