Decoupage of a casket or how to transfer a picture

1. This casket for needlework already has contours for coloring on the lid. According to the composition of the proposed pattern, we mark up a place for gluing a napkin. It is necessary to do so in order to complicate the composition, but in no case do not spoil the drawing. We put a napkin on top of the contours and mark the borders.

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2. From the napkin with the fonts we cut the pieces according to the made marks. We spread the napkin, we need only the top paint layer.

3. We glue a napkin with the fonts to the lid of the casket, using a wide flat synthetic brush AND an adhesive for decoupage. We smooth the pieces from the center to the edges, straightening the folds and expelling air bubbles from under the napkin. Instead of glue for decoupage, you can use PVA glue diluted with water (1: 1 ratio).

5.Now cut flowers and bird figures separately. Glue them on top of the napkin with fonts. We let the glue dry.

6.In the lower corners we glue pieces of napkins with images of flowers.

7. After the glue dries, we proceed to painting the picture itself. According to numbers and contours, we first paint in one color.

8. We take a lighter shade of pink and also paint them the necessary fragments of the picture. By

This principle is painted the whole picture. Let the paint dry.

9. Using a dry brush, apply a translucent layer of light blue paint over the pattern.

10. The sidewalls of the box are tinted with the aid of acrylic paint of light blue

colors. We use for this purpose a wide synthetic brush. In order to protect the image on the lid of the casket, we apply several layers of protective acrylic lacquer with a matte effect. Each layer is allowed to dry properly. Our box is ready!

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