Cyprus - an amazing place for a good holiday

Do you want to fly away from your native places, change the atmosphere and enjoy high-class rest? Then by all means go to Cyprus, you will definitely remember this trip!

What it is?

Cyprus is an island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest and third largest among all Mediterranean islands. Its area is equal to 9251 km2.

Clean and good

The population of Cyprus is less than a million people, most of the people living here are Turks, but there are also other nations (British, Armenians and even Russians, of whom there are also quite a few). Geographically, the territory of the island belongs to Asia.

There is also a state of the same name, but since, in fact, it occupies a large part of the island (more than 90%), we can assume that Cyprus is an island country. There is, of course, another state on the island’s territory - the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but it is not fully recognized. More than 2% of the territory occupied by the military bases of Great Britain.

The state is divided into districts (cities, in other words): Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Limassol.

How to get there?

You can get to Cyprus only by plane, this method is the easiest and practically the only one. Flights to the island are carried out regularly from many capitals or major cities of developed countries. The duration of the flight will be approximately 4.5 hours.

Great place to stay

Through the sea to Cyprus can also be reached, for example, from Greece, Israel or Egypt. But the plane will have to get all the same, since the trip on the ship will be very long, expensive and tedious.

Visa and customs regimes

To travel to Cyprus you will need a visa. You can arrange it at the Embassy of Cyprus. As a rule, registration does not take much time and does not happen too problematic. In addition, if you already have a valid Schengen visa, and according to it you managed to enter any other state that is a member of the Schengen Agreement, then you will not have to arrange anything else. But the length of stay in Cyprus should not exceed the validity of the visa.

If you do not have a visa, you will need to provide the following documents for registration:

  • a valid passport and its copy (first page);
  • passport of a citizen of the state and its copy;
  • completed application form (it should be in English);
  • color photograph in the size 3,5х4,5;
  • Also, you will need to provide a document confirming the reservation of the hotel room, a copy of the invitation of the travel company or a tourist voucher (these documents should be signed by the responsible persons and the press).

If you want to get to the cities of Paphos or Larnaca, the procedure will be even more simple. You can arrange a simplified so-called pro-visa. To do this, you can e-mail the completed application form and receive a confirmation with a special number in response. This visa is valid for three months and is designed for a single entry into Cyprus.

As for the customs regime, it is impossible to bring flowers, weapons, fruits, parrots, drugs and unknown chemicals to the island. Import of cigarettes, alcohol, spirits and money is limited: no more than 200 cigarettes (250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars), no more than a liter of hard liquor (over 22%) and no more than 2 liters of weak, no more than 250 grams of perfume and no more than 10 thousand euros.


Most of the island is occupied by mountains, and incredibly beautiful. There are not so many animals here, but the plant world is very diverse.

Elements of ancient architecture


The weather on the island is pleasant, as the climate is temperate, and there are more sunny days than rainy ones. The winter is rather mild, at this time of year the temperature fluctuates between 17-19 degrees in places located at sea level. But in the mountains it is cold, there the temperature can be from -1 to -5 degrees, sometimes snow falls.

The summer of Cyprus is quite hot, but it is easily tolerated, because the humidity is low. The summer season begins with the end of spring (approximately from the middle of May), and ends almost in the middle of autumn. So if you are planning a holiday in Cyprus, then feel free to come here in September or even October, this is a real velvet season.

Good hotels

The swimming season is open almost all year round. In summer, the water temperature is about 23-25 ​​degrees, and in winter it drops to 14 degrees.


Almost throughout the island, there are buses and so-called minibuses (they are similar to our minibuses). But the fare is from 1.5 to 6 euros per 50 kilometers, which is not so little.In addition, on Saturday, buses go only until lunch, and on Sunday all drivers have a day off.

There is a lot of boat

The airports and from them can only be reached by taxi. Renting a car can only be carried out by persons aged 25 to 70 years who have a driving experience of at least three years.

Where to stay?

Cyprus has hotels of all categories: from cheap to five-star. You will be pleasantly surprised, as even in a two-star hotel the conditions will be quite acceptable and even pleasant. Often the price includes meals, but not always and not everywhere. Luxury hotels often have their own individual beaches.

Is there a place to walk

Things to do?

Entertainment in Cyprus there are a great many:

  • You can relax and enjoy the clear water and the gentle sun on one of the beaches of the island.
  • You can climb mountains and ski or snowboard.
  • You can learn the basics of diving and see the inhabitants of the seabed.
  • Be sure to take a boat ride.
  • There are a lot of various water attractions.
  • Be sure to go to the restaurant.
  • You can visit a fascinating tour.
  • Be sure to visit the amusement park and water park.

But there are not so many nightclubs and discos here, although, of course, they are available.

Traditions and morals

Cypriots are quite hospitable, but very temperamental, capricious and strict. Holidays in this state are incredibly many: these are Orthodox holidays (most of the population are Christians), and holidays of the seasons, and much more. Celebrations are always accompanied by fun, songs and dances. And in Cyprus they observe the siesta, so that many institutions do not work during the day.


Greek and Turkish cuisines predominate, so the Cypriot menu includes various hot dishes and fish and meat snacks (especially lamb and goat meat) and vegetable dishes.

The kitchen is great

Various desserts are also popular, for example, nuts in grape juice (it is commonly called churchkhela) or various jams from the most unexpected ingredients (from nuts or eggplants). Seafood is also valued. The culinary specialty of Cyprus is the meze - this is a whole complex lunch, which can include up to 20 different dishes.

Drinks here, too, quite a lot. This wine and beer, and liqueurs. They love Cypriot and coffee.

What to see?

Let's list the sights of Cyprus:

  • Ruins of the ancient city of Paphos.
  • Mount Olympos.
  • Larnaca Salt Lake.
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Othello Castle.
  • Tomb of Hala Sultan.
  • Archaeological Museum of Antiquity.
  • The grave of Lazarus.
  • Bath of Aphrodite.
  • Antique policy Amathus.
  • Church of St. Lazarus.
  • Monastery of St. Neophytos.
  • Khirokitia.
  • Monastery of Trooditissa.
  • Monastery of Stavrovouni.
  • Park of birds.
  • Petra-to-Romiou.
  • Cape Greco.

Be sure to go to Cyprus and enjoy this journey!

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