Cut out a Halloween pumpkin

Many famous holiday, and especially common in English-speaking countries, is gaining momentum in our native cities, it is waiting for adults and children. Of course, this day can really be held in a special way: to decorate the house with various symbolic décor, invent contests and a program for a festive pastime, invent and make yourself themed costumes, and also cut a pumpkin with a face known to many.

A little effort and masterpiece ready

Jack Lantern, that’s the name for this unusual Halloween symbol, should decorate every house on this unusual holiday, as it is able to protect it from various undead and otherworldly creatures.

The traditional Jack lantern is a pumpkin, from which all entrails are heeded, and a bloodthirsty face is cut out on it, usually there are eyes and a predatory smile.

However, now pumpkin carving for Halloween has become widespread and has become a whole art, people practice closer to the appointed date and expose their new masterpieces for the holiday itself.

In schools and other educational institutions often organize competitions for the most unusual and unique pumpkin, so the imagination in this matter is an important companion and assistant.

But at the same time, it’s nice to know how to cut a Halloween pumpkin quickly and easily, but to make it worthy and beautiful. This can be done by the whole family, the main thing is to distribute duties: someone draws or searches for a sketch, someone cleans the pumpkin from the seeds, and someone diligently cuts out the muzzle.

Thus, you will spend an exciting and informative time with the whole family, and we will help you with your recommendations.

How to cut Jack a lantern from a pumpkin?

The most important thing when preparing a pumpkin for such an activity is to choose a fresh and beautiful pumpkin, then the final result will really please you.

  • A fresh pumpkin is important because it doesn’t have such rough skin, therefore it will be easier to cut out of it, besides it will be able to please you longer, as it will stay longer and will not fade. After everything is ready, lubricate the slices with petroleum jelly, or lower your Jack into the water for a couple of hours, so she can keep her appearance longer and not dry. So let's get started.
  • In the whole process of creating a jack lantern, you will need a fresh and beautiful pumpkin, preferably a correct and proportional shape. Someone prefers low and puzatenky faces, and someone - oval and high. Also prepare a sharp kitchen knife, a spoon, a template or a sketch of a muzzle painted by you, by the way, if you are not an artist by nature, then on the Internet you can find a lot of funny and unusual sketches of pumpkin muzzles, and often they do not have eyes and mouth, portray some animal or, for example, the silhouette of a candle. Such lights are very unusual and even stylish. Also prepare an awl and scraper, a regular shovel will do.
  • First we cut a hole in the pumpkin, through which the seeds and the inside will be taken out. Most often cut off the place with a tail, but if a glass with a flashlight is put inside, and not a candle, it is better to make a hole on the bottom of the pumpkin. We perform a similar operation with a regular knife, having previously marked the outline of a circle with a marker.
  • We take a scraper or scapula and begin to cleanse all the seeds and pulp of the pumpkin, for not particularly squeamish you can suggest the option of seizing the pulp with your hands - so it will be faster.
  • We put a sketch on the prepared flashlight, you can use a marker, but it is better to stick a sheet with a scotch tape pattern to the pumpkin, and along the contour to pierce with an awl pattern - the ready face of dozens of small holes will remain on the vegetable. Next, we follow the contour cut by the awl, cut out the pattern with a knife, the main thing in this case is not to rush, sticking to the contour of the sketch as much as possible.
  • When the muzzle is ready, proceed to its illumination. If you decide to put a candle inside, then pre-place it for a few hours in the freezer - so it will burn longer. The brightest lighting, of course, is electric: just wrap a small jar with an electric garland and insert it into the pumpkin - in this case the hole should be at the bottom. Jack is ready!

Why precisely pumpkin?

Indeed, the fact that such a pumpkin - a symbol of All Saints' Day - is known to everyone, but from where the tradition to cut pumpkins for the Halloween holiday originated, not many people know. According to legend, a pumpkin with slits and light inside - symbolizes a damned and lost soul that can not find its shelter.

Pumpkin on holiday should be

And the whole thing is in one Irish drunk who managed to deceive the devil himself twice.On the eve of the holiday, when all the evil spirits can freely roam the streets, the drunkard of Jack ran out of money, and he could not refuse to drink a glass of ale - he could not. As here, on the threshold appears none other than the devil himself, and offers his help, naturally, in exchange for Jack's soul.

The drunk agrees, the devil turns into a coin to pay Jack's expenses for ale, but the latter did not lose his head and tossed a coin into his pocket, where a silver cross was stashed. The devil was trapped and begged for mercy, after which he promised Jack to leave him alone for 10 years.

Time passed, the meeting was inevitable, but after 10 years Jack managed to dupe the devil, freeing himself from his punishment forever. The devil promised that he would never take Jack’s soul with him to hell.

But we are all mortal, the hour has come and drunkards of Jack, but for all his tricks, Jack’s soul did not go to heaven, and returning to hell, the devil just smiled and refused to accept his soul, because he gave the word to keep his promise.

To the soul of Jack did not wander in pitch darkness, the devil shared with her a piece of charcoal from his fire, and Jack put him in a turnip so that the wind could not blow out his light of last hope. Since then, Jack wanders the world, waiting for his final judgment.

Nowadays, instead of turnip, pumpkin is used, it is due to the fact that it is one of the most common vegetables in America, where this holiday is most developed. He, by the way, was brought there along with immigrants from Ireland. By the way, instead of turnips or pumpkins, sometimes they used large potatoes or even beets, everything depended on the harvest and the amount of vegetables.

This legend is already many hundreds of years, however, to this day pumpkin jack lantern illuminates the windows of cozy apartments and houses, scaring away all evil spirits. By the way, you can watch video lessons on cutting a pumpkin, maybe among them you will find exactly the one you want to do with your own hands.

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