Cut all the old jeans into thin strips to create an interesting little thing

You shouldn’t throw away a pair of jeans, even an old and battered one. It is better to cut all the old stuff into thin strips to weave a thick canvas out of them for future projects.

In addition to jeans, you will need an iron, adhesive thermal tape and accessories for making oblique bei.

Cut all jeans fabric into strips of equal thickness. Take a special device for the production of oblique bake and fill the strip into it. You can replace it with a homemade device made of thick paper. A thin thermal tape is placed inside the strip, and the top is ironed with a hot iron.

The finished strips lay out diagonally on the working surface, and then fixed with tape.

Begin to weave from the middle, coating each strip with glue.

Create a canvas by adding strips alternately above and below the weave.Once the desired area is woven, you can cut the necessary thing on it.

You can, for example, sew a convenient carrying case for storing a bottle of water.

We cut out the desired rectangle, assemble it into a cylinder, and then sew a girdle.

Do it for fun!

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