Custom models are the faces of the brands

Close your eyes and imagine the advertising campaign of swimsuits. Submitted? We can argue that you see a young tanned beauty and think that there is not much time left to enroll in the gym and bring yourself to the summer season in the same form as hers? Everything is true and at the same time not quite: this season, the laundry brands are not looking for the usual easy ways!

See for yourself, the first pictures of two advertising campaigns of the Land of Women underwear brands and Addition (the last one presented the wedding line of linen) appeared on the Web. The face and body of the first was the American model Yasmina Rossi, one of the most famous age models (yes, she is 60 years old), and the second is the plus size model Ashley Graham. Both heroines are expanding the usual fashionable borders, urging all of us in the coming summer not to be shy either of their age or waist, far from ideals, but happily spending time on the beach and wherever.

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