Crafts for June 1 Do-It-Yourself Day of Childhood

Children's crafts for June 1 - Children's Day fill the atmosphere of the holiday and cloudless childhood every corner of the school, kindergarten and home. They seem to remind us that in childhood each of us came into contact with creativity and learned to express our feelings and thoughts through art. Over time, this skill could get lost in a series of routine cases, but for every little child, creativity is an integral part of life.

 Crafts for June 1, Children's Day with their own hands

Crafts for June 1, Children's Day do-it-yourself

Children's weekday school days are already running out, and crafts for this holiday are often made by children attending kindergarten.

Crafts in the garden on the Day of De These should be distinguished by relative ease of manufacture, but at the same time be quite spectacular. Therefore, for its basis it is better to take durable, bright, and perhaps even unusual materials.We propose to craft the handicraft using bright double-sided sheets of cardboard and an unnecessary CD.
 Cardboard sheets and disc

Cardboard sheets and disc

First of all, you need to circle the disk on the contour on the pale green cardboard sheet.

 Circle the sheet around the contour

Let's outline the sheet on the contour

Next, we need a template of figures of two little men, d holding hands. You can make such a template in advance from a simple white sheet or cardboard sheet.

 Template for cutting

Template for cutting

Using template, cut out such people from cardboard of different colors - black, blue, red, yellow and white.

 Cutting little people

Cutting little people

Glue a green circle on the surface of the CD, using a reliable clerical glue, and from above, along the perimeter, place the paper men so that they give the impression that they are holding each other's hands.
 Glue the circle and men

Glue the circle and the little men

Use the figured hole punch and cut paper colored flowers. They will need to decorate the “clearing” on which the little people lead a circle dance. Between the little people you can “plant” trees - like small characters growing friendship.

 Flowers and trees

Flowers and trees













We made a wonderful version of crafts for Children's Day with our own hands! You can make several such handicrafts if you plan to hold competitions or relays at the festival. The winning team will receive such peculiar medals as a reward, and the rest of the participants will be given a consolation prize. On the reverse side, you can write words of congratulations or a beautiful rhyme about children's friendship.

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