Handicrafts for February 23 for the father with their own hands in kindergarten in the junior and senior group, master classes with photo and video - Handicrafts for children by February 23 from colored paper and napkins


Create beautiful, original and creative crafts for February 23 with your own hands from the most simple materials at hand. Do not know how? Then study our master classes and learn to do unusual and beautiful works of paper, cardboard, napkins and other familiar attributes of creativity. For children who still go to the younger and older groups of the kindergarten, we offer very simple lessons that tell you how quickly and easily it is easy and effortless to prepare a nice, nice present for dad.For schoolchildren, there are tasks a little more difficult, for example, making your own model of a tank or a beautiful holiday emblem. You just have to choose the master class you like and get down to business.

Simple crafts for February 23 with the hands of napkins in the kindergarten in the younger group, a master class with a photo step by step

By February 23, you can make simple, but at the same time beautiful and attractive gifts for dads, grandfathers and older brothers with the children of the kindergarten - bright carnations from the most ordinary napkins. The work will not cause any difficulties for the kids, and the caretaker will need to intervene in the process and give the children some help only at the final stage when the flower needs to be attached to the stalk. With the rest of the boys and girls can easily cope on their own.

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