Cotton wool miniature tree

The Christmas tree strewn with snow looks very beautiful. It is not only a symbol of the coming holiday, but also personifies the winter nature. Many try to repeat the image of a snow-covered spruce using handicrafts, paints or white paper. But what looks more like snow than cotton? She is fluffy and weightless. That's why it will be a great snow-covered Christmas tree.
Miniature Christmas tree made of cotton
  • cotton wool;
  • sequins;
  • glue;
  • sprig of 10 cm;
  • toy bucket.
Miniature Christmas tree made of cotton

Instructions for making a Christmas tree

Select a sprig without additional branches. We make it the length we need. One end is wound tightly with cotton. We insert it into the toy bucket. The branch must keep tightly. The branch must keep tightly. style="max-width: 100%;" alt="Miniature Christmas tree made of cotton">
We tear off a narrow strip from a common piece of cotton wool. Wrap her twig.Heading from the bucket to the very top. The coils do not dense. Cotton wool is laid at an angle so that it resembles a fir-tree crown.
Miniature Christmas tree made of cotton
Glue the sequins with glue over the entire surface of the cotton. This can be done randomly or in a specific order. Brilliant sequins choose bright colors. So they will resemble Christmas balls. And you can use curly sequins, for example, in the form of asterisks.
Miniature Christmas tree made of cotton
Such a miniature Christmas tree will perfectly fit into the New Year's desktop composition. It can be submitted to an exhibition at a school, or it can be placed in a dollhouse. After all, Barbie should have her own Christmas tree!

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